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How to Use Google Voice on iPhone

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Use Google Voice on iPhone

If you weren’t certain already that Google is the company to beat, you haven’t heard about Google Voice. Google Voice has been designed to quickly make phone calls, send and receive free text messages and manage your voicemail using just your Google Voice phone number. You can enjoy this tool by simply installing an app on your iPhone that will sync with your contacts wherever they are in the world and link to your email in just a few steps.

In this OneHowTo article we share step-by-step How to use Google Voice on iPhone devices.

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Steps to follow:


Install Google Voice. The first step is to download the app by going to the app store and searching for the app. It is a free app. If you don’t have access to the app store you can always go to the main website and click on the option that says “Google Voice for iOS”. The app requires at least iOS 3.0 to be installed in the device.

How to Use Google Voice on iPhone - Step 1

Get a Google Voice number. As you may have discerned, you need a Google Voice number but that we can fix very easily. Before you set up Google Voice head to the app’s website.

You will be asked to sing up to your Google account and select an account type. If you are just starting up it is recommended that you select the option for a new number.

The next step asks you for a forwarding phone. This is the phone that you want to answer incoming calls on. It is the one that will ring when someone calls. You are able to add as many phones as you would like.

The system will generate a numerical code. Write it down and click on “Call Me Now”. You will get a call and be asked to enter this code.

You will then be given the choice of selecting your Google Voice number from the options available. Once you confirm that will be your Google Voice number.




How to Use Google Voice on iPhone - Step 2

Set Up Google Voice. Now that you have your Google Voice number you can start setting up your account. You will be asked to sing up to your Google account and add your Google Voice number. Once the app pulls all of your contacts you are free to use it.

How to Use Google Voice on iPhone - Step 3

Using Google Voice. The app is divided into four simple sections.

The Dialer is where you will be able to call people and send text messages. You will see at the bottom of the screen both of these options alongside a numerical pad. Remember that only text messages are free since they are drawn from your Gmail account but phone calls are made using your mobile plan.

The Inbox is where you will be able to manage your voicemail messages, categorize them and see past text messages history. It will also notify you of missed calls or texts and give you the option to reply by text or using a quick dial.

The third section is Contacts. Many of these will be drawn from your existing Google account but you may also add new ones or modify existing ones.

Finally, you have the Settings tab where you can customize the app. You may select how you want to be notified of incoming calls and texts, as well as, if you want to receive push notifications.

There you have it! Let us know how you like Google Voice.

How to Use Google Voice on iPhone - Step 4

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How to Use Google Voice on iPhone