How to save Megabytes on iPhone

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to save Megabytes on iPhone

iPhone! Yes!

3G or 4G internet! Yes!

Limited data plan…. Oh No …

We can often see the above scenario in our daily life. Using high speed internet on iPhone with a limited data plan usually turns out to be a not so good experience when there is just 20% data left and still 2 weeks to go before the next billing cycle.

If you are worried as to how to save your precious data then read this article and find out how to save megabytes (mb) on iPhone.

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Set data alerts and limits

At the beginning of each month just set the data alerts and data limit. This will give you a notification when you have used a particular amount of data. Hence you can regularly monitor your data usage and plan accordingly.

If you are using an iPhone running on IOS 7 then just go to settings. Then go to 'Mobile'. Now look under the 'Moblie Data Usage'. This will help you in keeping track of your data used. You can reset it by tapping 'Reset Statistics' under 'Phone'.

Change Settings

In your iPhone just a few changes in settings can ensure less data usage.

In your iPhone go to the 'Settings' option and then click on mobile. Then go to 'Mobile data usage'. There you will found a list of apps which can use up your precious megabytes. They are all enabled by default settings. Now go through the list and stop any app which you feel is unnecessarily gnawing through your data.

Also, turn off push emails and try to read your emails in manual mode. Just go to settings and then to mail, contacts, calendar. There, go to 'New Data' and set it to manually.

Also turn off the Push notifications by going to 'settings' and then to 'notifications'. Then turn it off.

Connect to Wi-Fi

When you are at home or at work or in any place else, just search for free Wi-Fi network with your iPhone. If you can find one then connect it and start browsing, downloading, watching the video or listening to music online without the fear of extra data usage.

How to save Megabytes on iPhone - Connect to Wi-Fi

Avoid Streaming while using a limited data Plan

Streaming videos needs lots of megabytes. So, avoid video streaming while using your data plan on the iPhone. Keep your video streaming urge on hold until you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Also avoid streaming songs, news, playing online games and using 'Google maps' while you are using the limited data plan in your iPhone.

One of the streaming apps that uses the most megabytes in Spotify. Learn how many megabytes Spotify uses.

Turn off Moblie Data when not needed

Turn on the Mobile data when you need it. The rest of the time just switch the data plan off. It will prevent data being wasted by apps running in the background. In your iPhone, go to the 'settings' option and then to 'Mobile Data'. Simply turn it off.

You'd be amazed how many megabytes some apps that are on all day use. For example, you can see how many megabytes Whatsapp uses.

Disable Auto play videos in Facebook apps

The auto play videos play automatically and this causes loss in your mobile data without you even knowing about it. So, just go to the 'Settings' option in your iPhone and then search for to 'Auto play'. Simply switch it off.

How to save Megabytes on iPhone - Disable Auto play videos in Facebook apps

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How to save Megabytes on iPhone
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How to save Megabytes on iPhone

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