How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard

By Sara . Updated: August 2, 2020
How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard

VR goggles i.e. Virtual Reality goggles are the new and extremely popular gadgets in gaming and the entertainment sphere. They are light, cheap and comfortable to wear. VR goggles behave similarly as 3D goggles i.e. it lets the wearer see 3D images along with illusion of depth of perception. There are many VR goggles available in market. But the price makes the buyer think twice before buying. If you are hell bent on having a set of VR goggles without spending a hefty amount then you can try making your own goggles. To know how to make VR goggles out of cardboard, keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

You'll need:
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Steps to follow:

Gather all necessary material. To make your own VR goggles you need to have precise measurements. So, the best way is to use a template. At first make a printout of the template given below.

If you are looking for a shortcut then you can try buying a goggle cardboard headset such as the one sold by Google. When it arrives, you will find inside the box:

  • Two lenses
  • Two velco pads
  • Two lenses
  • Three pieces of cardboard with the outline of the template printed on it.
How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard - Step 1

Cut the cardboard. After printing the template, cut the borders with a craft knife and place it on the cardboard.


Sketch the cut out of the template on the cardboard. Then, using a sharp knife, cut along the border. Make sure that you have cut the exact measurements as those on the template border.

If you are using the google cardboard headset then you will find that the cardboard is pre- cut. But the unwanted cardboard will not have been removed. Therefore, press lightly on the cardboard cut outs using your fingers. This step should be done carefully so that there is no extra wear and tear.


Build your VR set. Now that you have all the cut outs, start connecting each piece till the box start looking like the one given below. Follow the instructions given below to make the body of VR goggles.

  1. At first lay out all the pieces of cardboard on a plain surface.
  2. Take the lens holding the cut out and connect it in a roll-like way. If necessary, you can glue or tape the lens for extra protection. Do not tape all across the lens. Tape it just a bit on the side to secure it.
  3. Then, line up the edges and the slit. Then connect the cut out of the lens holding. Place the small divider piece in the piece slot. The piece slot acts a divider and hence allows each eye to see only one image. That’s how two images are formed in both the eyes and the illusion of depth is created in the brain.
  4. Now it’s time to connect the end piece. You can use any connective material such as glue, Velcro, magnets or mounting tabs.
  5. Finally connect the phone holder cut out. While connecting this part, do not use glue. This is because glue will make the phone stick to the goggles. Instead connect it with Velcro or mounting tabs. It will fasten the flap of the phone holder and you can open it whenever you want.
How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard - Step 4

The next step is to download the VR headset app from Google play. There are many apps to choose from such as Mercedes VR, Volvo Reality, Hang Glider and Roller coaster. These apps are quite large. So, make sure your phone has enough memory. Also, due to their large size, it’s best to download it through Wi-Fi. Want to use your VR set on your PC? Here's how!


It's ready to use! After downloading and installing the cardboard app, get ready to experience the magic. Take the phone and place it in phone holder.

Before operating the cardboard VR app, you should know how to operate it. In your phone launch the app. When the phone vibrates, it means the app has launched. Now put on the VR goggles and enjoy the game!

Since you might become bored with a single game, you should try other apps too. You can also try Youtube for more options.

How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard - Step 6

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How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard
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How to Make VR Goggles out of Cardboard

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