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How to Charge a Phone Battery Without a Charger

How to Charge a Phone Battery Without a Charger

It can be a hassle, but keeping our phone at the right charge is a necessary part of modern life. Whether for work or contacting loved ones, missing a call or important message can be detrimental. Despite this fact, it seems so many of us have problems with our phone battery, our phones can die regularly without us noticing. If this is the case, whether we have lost it or not brought it with us, we may need to try to charge our phone without a charger.

This is why oneHOWTO explains how to charge a phone battery without a charger. We can even show you tricks on how to do it without a plug or even a cable.

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  1. Wireless charger
  2. Laptop or computer USB ports
  3. Portable solar charger
  4. Power bank or portable battery
  5. Hand crank charger
  6. Backpack with integrated battery
  7. Charge the mobile battery with headphones
  8. Can I charge my mobile phone battery with an app?

Wireless charger

If you don't know how to charge your phone without a mains charger, then there are alternatives on the market. The latest generation of smart phones are almost exclusively adapted to work with wireless chargers. This means many people don't need to keep a clunky mains charger with them when on the move.

iPhone 8 models of smartphone and beyond, as well as various makes of Android cellphones, have incorporated wireless charging as standard. They are compatible with any charging station or pad, meaning we don't have to find a charging cable which fits their ports. This means it is also useful in phones which have trouble connecting the charging cable.

There are various types of wireless charger on the market. They mostly have pads on which you can set the phone which charges it via contact. Some even keep the phone upright. To know about charging mobile phone batteries without a cable, take a look at our article on how wireless phone chargers work.

Laptop or computer USB ports

You can also charge your mobile without a mains charger. You only need to have a laptop with battery and a USB cable which connects to your particular phone charging port. This alternative is very useful if you find yourself on the street or if there is an electricity blackout. This is because it uses the charge in the laptop's battery rather than a mains connection.

By connecting the mobile to the laptop's USB port, you can charge it while the PC's battery lasts. The big drawback of this charging method is the slowness. A smartphone takes much longer to charge in this way because the USB ports of laptops are not prepared to support high-speed charges.

If you have problems with your laptop battery, it could be overheating. Our article on why your MacBook is overheating so fast can help know the cause.

Portable solar charger

To go one step further and charge the mobile without a cable charger, we recommended an alternative that uses renewable energy. Solar phone chargers harness the power of the sun, making them very sustainable and ideal for those in warm countries.

This method is useful if you are outside on a very sunny day. You will simply have to extend the charger cells horizontally to charge it in the sun's rays. The solar charger then converts the sun's energy into electricity which can power your mobile phone.

How to Charge a Phone Battery Without a Charger - Portable solar charger

Power bank or portable battery

Portable batteries are very useful because they store energy with which different electronic devices can be charged. Therefore, it is a good alternative to charge a mobile where you don't have mains access or blackouts.

Charge the portable battery every 6 months even if you don't use it. Power banks do not store energy forever, so they will lose it little by little. To charge your mobile with this method, connect the USB cable to the output port of the portable battery. This cable is usually built into the power bank itself.

If the battery of your mobile does not last a day, you might need to charge it more often. In this related article you can find out if it is bad to charge your mobile at night.

Hand crank charger

Crank chargers are another option to charge your mobile phone battery without your normal charger. These types of chargers are capable of charging a phone battery thanks to the energy created by turning a crank with your hand.

It is the slowest and most tiring method. However, it is very ecologically sound and it can help you exercise. At the very least, it can be a great way to charge your phone without a cable charger or a backup battery.

Backpack with integrated battery

There are backpacks that have a built-in battery to charge the mobile without a plug or charger. In this way, you will not have to carry your charger with you. Or, to be more precise, you are already carrying your charger in the form of your backpack. You can charge your mobile anywhere thanks to this replacement battery.

There are different types of backpacks with built-in batteries on the market. Consult a technology or mobile expert to find out which one best suits the characteristics of your cellphone.

Charge the mobile battery with headphones

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and the ways to charge a mobile as well. If the previous methods have surprised you, there is one more option you may not have considered. There are headphones with which you can charge your mobile battery.

These state-of-the-art headphones will allow you to listen to music and charge your mobile wirelessly, i.e. without any type of cable.

These fast-charging headphones contain a hidden adapter with an integrated micro USB connector that allows you to charge the mobile without cables. Furthermore, these devices can also be used to transfer data between the headphones and the phone device.

Therefore, if you want to listen to music with high quality and at the same time have headphones capable of charging your mobile, you can buy one of these devices. However, only high-quality headphones currently offer this advantage. If you are unsure about yours, check out our article on how to tell if your Beats headphones are real.

Can I charge my mobile phone battery with an app?

Currently, there are numerous applications that promise to charge the mobile battery without a charger, plugs or cables. To do this, they say they use different energies, such as that produced by the vibration of the mobile, moving it vigorously or even Reiki.

Understanding how a mobile phone and its battery works, we know that it is not possible to charge it with an application. For this reason, we recommend that you distrust these types of apps. There are some which might be able to accelerate the charging speed, but they cannot charge the mobile phone battery outright.

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How to Charge a Phone Battery Without a Charger