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How to Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

How to Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

In the professional world, LinkedIn offers the best way to meet genuine customers and clients related to your field. But if you have work in two or more different fields then you will have different contacts in both areas. Also, if you have both a job which satiates your financial needs and are an entrepreneur to satiate your creative need then you might want to keep both this field separate. In such case you would be tempted to create two or more different accounts in LinkedIn. If you are wondering how to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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Is it okay to have multiple LinkedIn accounts?

The End User Agreement of LinkedIn clearly mentions that a user cannot have multiple profiles in LinkedIn.

So, the answer is “No, you can't manage multiple or more than one account in LinkedIn”. IF you have multiple accounts and another user reports you then LinkedIn has the right to shut down all your accounts without further notice. This means you cannot have two or three profiles with your same username and password, depicting yourself in different job fields or disciplines.

However, you can have a personal profile and create a Company Profile as well and use it as a Freelancer page, devoted only to one area of expertise, while using your personal profile for all of your skills.

What should I do if I have multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

Since managing multiple accounts is not allowed, you need to choose one of the jobs or profiles which could get greater leverage through LinkedIn. In the headline, mention only that job which you have chosen. Mentioning two different jobs in a headline will confuse people.

If you want to find a job though LinkedIn without your boss knowing, we advise you to use the LinkedIn Job Search app, as no updates are sent to your LinkedIn contacts. Also check your Privacy settings to make sure you know what type of updates are being posted on your profile and who can view them.

How to merge or close two or more LinkedIn accounts?

If you have multiple LinkedIn account and are worried that they may be banned then you can merge both accounts in one. This would not cause any loss of data and all your contacts from multiple accounts would be brought together in one. To merge multiple LinkedIn account, fill the form in this link:

If you want to delete one or more than one of your accounts then sign into the account you want to close. Then select “Privacy & Settings”. In it select the “Account” tab. Then scroll down to the “Subscriptions” section and click “Change” next to Closing your account. Follow the prompt to close the account. Within 48 hours, the account would be closed completely.

How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts?

If you are convinced that no matter what you need more than one account on LinkedIn and want to manage them, then you can use some apps for a secure interaction through your account.

There are many apps available which can take care of your browser’s fingerprint. Using these apps you can manage multiple accounts in LinkedIn without getting them restricted or banned. You can log in from the same machine and yet it would seem that the accounts are being logged in from different computers at different locations.

What you can do is manage another person's LinkedIn account, that is to say, manage a different profile from your personal account. This is useful for example, if you are a Community Manager and need to manage LinkedIn accounts of several people in your company.

In this case, you can easily add as many LinkedIn accounts to Hootsuite as long as you know the username and password for the LinkedIn account.

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  • We advise you to contact LinkedIn management directly if there is an exceptional situation which we haven't answered in this article.

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How to Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
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How to Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts