How to Tell if a Twitter Account is Fake

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell if a Twitter Account is Fake

Are you addicted to Twitter? The 140 characters have revolutionized our lives: not only is it a good way to find out instantly what is happening around the world, it is also a platform to voice our opinions or beliefs to the world. However, it is always wise to be careful as far as the internet is concerned. Unfounded rumors and hoaxes also rampant on Twitter, often from fake accounts. If you do not know how to identify it, worry not! We'll help to explain how to tell if a twitter account is fake in this OneHowTo article so you use it more safely.

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Undoubtedly, the best way to tell if a Twitter account is fake is to look if it has the Twitter verification certificate. It's that little blue mark with a white tick in the center that appears on some accounts of important figures, corporations and media, etc. This assures us that it is the original, official account, not someone who has made a false account to steal their identity, imitators or fakes, etc.

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However, Twitter's use of the tick is quite limited, making it harder to to tell if a Twitter account is fake. For instance, applications including SocialBro and UnTweeps help us identify followers who are inactive for more than three months, one of the keys to identify whether an account is false.


The website Fake Follower Check identifies Twitter accounts according to a percentage of verification, and divides them into false, inactive or good. Socialbanjers, Followerwonk and Twitter Audit are three similar tools, although the latter can directly eliminate false accounts.


When Twitter began, identifying a fake account was much easier than it is now because they tended not to include profile pictures or a biography and had few followers. Now, images of false profile have replaced real versions and are very complete, with striking biographies and numerous followers. This makes them difficult to identify but we can get an idea of whether an account is false through a variation of parameters based on their activity.

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An underactive account with thousands and thousands of followers is more than likely false. It may have some activity that is limited to just one subject, e.g. politics, sport or religion. However, they will sometimes discuss other topics so that certain terms appear in searches in your own language.


More about the activity: some account are scheduled to tweet large sequences that are often promotional and repetitive, making them easy to identify. They probably have a large number of retweets but if you look closely, you'll notice that they are very similar tweeters. Obviously, these accounts are also false.


Let's now focus on the photo and biography. Very spectacular photos with attractive men or women are perfect for drawing attention. However, if you look at the biography text, it may not be properly written, with poorly constructed sentences or might even be written in another language. These are clear indications that the Twitter account is false.

In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to identify a fake Instagram account.

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Number doesn't necessarily mean it's a fake account. I'm a religious person and most of my tweets are about religious topics. I also post videos of a guy who exposes the Illuminati and things in our Government that are going on that are shady.

Sometimes I don't tweet a lot because I don't want to get into arguments with other people and I refuse to attack or be personally attacked. My account is 100% genuine. I don't have a lot of followers because I'm not a celebrity. My friends and most of my family don't use twitter.

I think things more like the account having followers in the 10 thousands and following 10's of thousands of people back when they're not famous is a HUGE red flag! I also get suspicious when they follow me for a long time but NEVER heart or retweet ANYTHING in my timeline when they claim in their bio that their beliefs and hobbies are similar to mine.

I don't post anything hateful and I don't personally attack other users so anyone who SUPPOSEDLY shares my thoughts and beliefs but never expresses approval in someway is someone I take as following me for the wrong motive(i.e. harassment, trolling, spamming). I make these users unfollow at once.

How to Tell if a Twitter Account is Fake
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How to Tell if a Twitter Account is Fake

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