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What Happens When I Block Someone On Twitter

What Happens When I Block Someone On Twitter

Twitter has become the most used social network to get immediate access to important news, public opinion trends and maintain a direct interaction with public figures, just by knowing their username! The downside to that freedom also means that anyone who knows your username, regardless of whether you follow them or not, can contact you directly. This form of contact, when frequent, can be very irritating for some people. This may makes us consider the possibility of blocking these annoying users. But what happens if you block someone on Twitter? In this OneHowTo article we will explain in detail.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that Twitter policy regarding blocking is transparent. What we mean by this is that when you block a user they will not receive a notification about this, but if that person tries to enter your profile to see your Tweets the user will be informed that he or she is blocked with a notice that states that they can no longer follow or see your tweets.

So, for the user to know that you have blocked them on Twitter they will have to visit your profile, something which does not always happen meaning that this action often remains anonymous.


When you block someone on Twitter what will happen is:

  • That person will automatically stop being your follower, so their account will no longer appear in your contacts.
  • Furthermore you also stop being their follower, avoiding any contact between you.
  • If that person is in one of your lists he or she will automatically be deleted from it.
  • In addition the user will also be unable to retweet any of your posts.
  • If the user were to suspect that he or she is no longer following you and tries to follow you again by going to your profile they will know that they have been blocked.

But the big question when you block someone on Twitter is: can this person continue reading my tweets? The answer is simple: while that user is connected via his or her Twitter account he or she will not see any of your posts, however closing the session and googling your username will give access to your timeline data without any problems. So generally speaking, to answer the question can a person who you have blocked still see your tweets, we can advise that yes it is still possible for anyone to view your tweets, they just won't be able to interact with them in any way through their account.

The only case where this would not be possible is if you had a private profile on Twitter, in which case only your followers can see what is tweeted. So if you really don't want somebody to read one of your tweets, the only way to be 100% sure is to delete your tweets or even your Twitter account.


Now you know what happens if you block someone on Twitter, you can choose to do this to stop unwanted contact with a user. Just bear in mind that they will still be able to view your tweets if they really want to, unless you set your profile to private.

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What Happens When I Block Someone On Twitter
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What Happens When I Block Someone On Twitter