How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

By Max. D Gray. Updated: April 29, 2020
How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

Facebook messenger is a useful and widely used app provided by, of course, Facebook. However, sometimes we no longer require their services and wish to uninstall the app from our phones.

In this oneHOWTO article we will explain how to uninstall Facebook Messenger quickly and easily from your phone. We provide instructions for Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a standalone messaging app and platform that allows you to connect with your contacts from Facebook. This application allows users to open their messenger without necessarily having to log into Facebook itself. This application allows you to share videos, messages, contacts, photos, links, make group chats, send money and send your location.

Sometimes logging out of the application is sufficient enough for some people. Others however would rather completely uninstall and delete this app, which we will explain how to do below.

Uninstalling Facebook Messenger on Android

If you have an Android device and want to disable Facebook Messenger, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play
  2. Search for this application using the magnifying glass in the top right corner. There you can type "Facebook Messenger".
  3. Likewise, you can also access the "My Apps" list where you will find all the apps you have installed on your phone. Go to "Settings and simply scroll down until you find the "Apps" section.
  4. Once you have found the "Messenger" app, click the "Uninstall" button and confirm that you want to start uninstalling this application. When finished, you will see that the Facebook Messenger icon has disappeared from your "Start" menu and if you also had it there.
How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android - Uninstalling Facebook Messenger on Android

Uninstalling Facebook Messenger on iPhone

If you're looking for how to uninstall Facebook Messenger from iPhone or iPad the process is simple:

  1. Press the Messenger icon for a few seconds and watch it start to shake and display a cross in the left corner.
  2. Now, you'll just have to press it.
  3. The app will be uninstalled.
How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android - Uninstalling Facebook Messenger on iPhone

How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on a Windows Phone

Facebook Messenger also exists for Windows smartphones. If you wish to uninstall Facebook Messenger on a Windows phone, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the list of applications and press on Messenger.
  2. Then, a kind of popup menu with the "Uninstall" option appears, then press it.
  3. You must answer "Yes" to confirm you want to delete this app and so completely uninstall Facebook Messenger for your Windows Phone.
How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android - How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on a Windows Phone

How to turn off Facebook Messenger from your computer

If you're also fed up of getting messages on your computer's Facebook messenger, then here's how to deactivate it. You won't be able to delete it on the computer completely as the messaging function is not a separate app, but part of the social network:

  • Find the chat bar at the right of your screen.
  • Go to the "options" symbol at the far right of the screen.
  • Click on "Turn off chat" .
  • Choose if you want your chat to be turned off for all your contacts or just specific people.

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Messenger will not load on apple iPad. Tried holding button to uninstall…but no go. So can’t uninstall and install. Can’t open it to do anything there…anyone help?
Uninstalled messenger I can't intalled again
Darrell Schultz
Cancel messanger
Peggy Culberson
How to delete messenger? Please make it easy?
Grace papadoulis
Having a horrible time trying get to Uninstall Messenger from my Android phone, help please!!
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Grace
Which part of the uninstalling process do you need help with?
Louise Begin
This method was easy for me to understand and follow. It worked perfectly!

Very cute. I'll be more clear. I wanted to delete old account on facebook!
There is NO "uninstall" option for the Facebook Messenger on my Samsung J7 Perx Android phone. It only gives me the option to "Force Stop" or "Disable" the FB Messenger app. And in Google Play I only have the option to "Enable" (if it's disabled), or to "Update" (if it's enabled) the app. :(
There is no google play app on my phone?
OneHowTo Editor
you should be able to download it from your google browser if you have android. Once it's installed, follow the steps mentioned above to uninstall Facebook Messenger.
Almutaz Gh Aloran
kindly uninstall it is bothering me on my face book thank you
OneHowTo Editor
Follow the steps mentioned in the article in order to uninstall facebook messenger.
Hope this helps
henrique rodrigues
want to uninstall-facebook-messenger-on-iphone-and-android-2380.html
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Henrique,
We'd advise you to follow the steps mentioned in this article. Kind regards
I woke this morning to my FB messengers icon being darkened on my iPhone 5. Tried everything to get it to work but only says " waiting " when I click on the app . Tried rebooting 3 times n still same results. Decided to uninstall n install again . Pressed the icon til it started shaking n the X appeared on the icon . Pressed the X n nothing happens. I am lost. Please help .
Maureen nicholson
Every time I try to run messenger thefree messenger my phone will not stay connected
Gale Vaillancourt
Help! Please allow me to uninstall facebook messenger from my android tablet. I do not want this app anymore. THANK YOU.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Gale,
If your tablet uses android the procedure should be the same as the one described in this article for android smartphones
How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android
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How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

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