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How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone

By Sara . Updated: August 29, 2017
How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone

Using Gmail features and widgets on your desktop is bliss. Earlier you needed to download GTalk for chats with your contacts but now you can simply do it by using Google Hangouts. But when it comes to android smartphones people are sometimes confused as to how to use the Gmail chat feature on it.

So, in this article we will know how to use Gmail Chat on android smartphone.

  1. Talk
  2. Beginning Gmail chat
  3. Text Chat
  4. Audio Chat
  5. Video Chat


‘Talk’, is the app which allows you to have Gmail chat on Android smartphone. Talk is an instant messenger client for Gmail and it allows text chat, audio chat and video chat with other users and that too for free. You can chat with anyone who is using their Gmail account on desktop, laptop, or android device like tablet and iPhone.

You'll just have to download it on Google Play!

How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone - Talk
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Beginning Gmail chat

At first you have to create a Gmail account. To do this visit the site www.gmail.com and create a new account. Then add your contacts in this account. These contacts will be able to chat with you on Talk on your android smartphone.

How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone - Beginning Gmail chat

Text Chat

  • To use the text chat option on ‘Talk’ app, at first click on the app. Then log in to the Talk app using your Gmail username and password.
  • After logging in you will find all your contacts on the screen. Then select anyone whom you want to send a text message. Type the message and hit send. Your text message will be sent to the particular contact.

Audio Chat

  • It is very easy to audio chat in Talk. Just select the Talk app and then you will be able to see all your Gmail contacts on the screen.
  • Now look at all the contacts. Those contacts who have the icon of a microphone next to them are the ones with whom you can audio chat. If there is no microphone icon beside the name then the person isn’t available for audio conversation.
  • Now choose the contact with whom you want to have audio conversation and then select the microphone button. This will send an invite to that particular contact. If he/ she accepts, then both of you can start the conversation.
  • To end the audio conversation, just select the button ‘x’ and your conversation will be ended.
How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone - Audio Chat
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Video Chat

  • To video chat using Talk, you again have to select the Talk app and the list of contacts will appear on the screen.
  • Those contacts beside whose name the video camera icon appears can video chat with you. So, to start the chat just sends an invite for video chatting by tapping on the video camera icon. If the person accepts then you will be able to see them and they will also be able to see you; if both of you have webcams or front camera on your smartphone.
  • Now you can talk to each other while also watching each other on the video chat. You can also video chat with those contacts who use Gmail chat on their desktop if they have webcam.
  • To end the video chat, just select the button ‘x’.

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How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone - Video Chat
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How to use Gmail chat on Android Smartphone