How to Erase Your Search History on YouTube - Easy Guide!

How to Erase Your Search History on YouTube - Easy Guide!

YouTube has become the world's most watched video platform. Not only for being easy to use and free, but also for its wide variety of content. However, some people like to keep their privacy and delete their search history from time to time.

In this oneHOWTO article, we're going to explain how to erase your search history on YouTube on different devices. We'll also include easy steps and photos.

How to erase YouTube history on PC

Regardless of the device you usually use to access this platform, it is very likely that you are familiar with YouTube viewed from a PC. To prevent your family, your roommates or the rest of the workers in your company from discovering the content you have viewed, here is how you can erase your YouTube history on your computer:

  1. Open your PC browser, and go into YouTube. Log in.
  2. Use the mouse and scroll to the upper left corner of the screen. You will find a three-line icon (the menu) that you must select.
  3. Click on “History” and you will see the content viewed and recorded on YouTube.
  4. Select “Delete all history” to be able to delete everything that the platform has saved from your views.

To prevent YouTube from having a history of the content you have seen, take the mouse and enter the history again. You will see a button called “Pause Viewing History”, select it if that's what you want. You could also access Youtube through incognito mode on google Chrome.

How to Erase Your Search History on YouTube - Easy Guide! - How to erase YouTube history on PC

How to erase YouTube history on TV

Another device on which you can access YouTube is television. This is ideal for watching content on the platform with family, friends or with your partner in your living room, as it allows you to enjoy any video in a larger size. In addition, it is a great alternative to the usual programming offered by television channels, which is why this option has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

If you want to delete your YouTube history on TV, you can do it very easily. All televisions keep a list with the contents you have viewed, but you can delete it by following these easy steps:

  1. Enter YouTube through your television.
  2. Select the magnifying glass icon that represents the search option.
  3. Finally, click on “clear history”.

How to delete YouTube history from my mobile

Although many people watch YouTube on their PC or their television, most people actually watch YouTube on their mobile phone. So, let's take a look at how to erase your history on Youtube on your mobile phone:

Clear YouTube history on iPhone

If you have an iPhone and you want to delete your history of this platform, follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep in mind that if you access the YouTube application from an iPhone you will be able to delete your history, but if you access YouTube from the browser (Safari) you will not be able to delete your history. Therefore, enter your Youtube application.
  2. Next, select the “Library” option and then, click on “History” which is on the menu icon (the three dots on the upper right corner of your screen).
  3. If you want to delete YouTube's history of views (that is, the videos seen in your account), you will only have to select that option. On the other hand, if you want to delete the search history (all searches made from your device) you will have to activate only that option.
  4. In any case, if you want to eliminate both, you can select both options.

Clear YouTube history on Android

In the case of having a mobile with Android operating system, you can also delete YouTube history. The procedure is similar to that required by an iPhone, as the differences are marked by a few updates to the application in the operating system. With that being said, follow these easy steps to erase your YouTube history:

  1. Log into the YouTube app.
  2. On the bottom right area of your screen and go to “Library”.
  3. Now go to “History”. Once in history, go to the top icon with three dots.
  4. Then, click on “History controls”.
  5. Once there, click on “Clear watch history” or “clear watch history”. You also have the option to pause watch history or pause search history if desired.

If you found this article useful, you may also be interested in our article about how to delete your history on Netflix or how to delete your search history on Instagram.

How to Erase Your Search History on YouTube - Easy Guide! - How to delete YouTube history from my mobile

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How to Erase Your Search History on YouTube - Easy Guide!
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How to Erase Your Search History on YouTube - Easy Guide!

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