What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean?

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean?

Instagram has changed the way we look at a photo. It has attached hashtags, right slang and abbreviations to photos so that you can convey your feelings through both photos and words. But the amount of abbreviations coming up on instagram nowadays is proving to be quite hectic and hard to understand. Beside we can’t even ask it from others as it may make us seem uncool and not up-to-date.

The truth is that using hashtags is key to gaining more followers in an ethic way, so knowing their meanings is very important. But don't worry, if you're lost and don't know what all the hashtags mean on Instagram pictures, this article is for you. Here at OneHowTo we explain you what the different abbreviations on Instagram mean, so you can start using them on your pictures from now on.

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  1. #IG
  2. #Igers
  3. #TBT and #FBF
  4. #jj
  5. #MCM and #WCW
  6. #GOTD and #POTD
  7. #TT
  8. #OOTD
  9. #GF
  10. #F4F and #S4S
  11. #YOLO
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IG stands for the word instagram. Even though instagram is just one word, yet IG is used as its abbreviation.


Igers is the abbreviation for Instagram users. This hashtag is used in mainly all the pictures that are posted on Instagram, and sometimes is followed by the name of a place. For instance, #IgersNewYork will be a tag used by the instagram users of New York. If you want to see pictures from these users you'll only need to look for that tag and you'll see what they're publishing.

#TBT and #FBF

Here tbt stands for Throw Back Thursday. It is also used for Truth Be Told. Throw back Thursday is used for those photos on Instagram which are from one’s past. They're usually uploaded on a Thursday. Truth be told is used for those photos where a person express their knowledge to their followers. These pictures can be uploaded at any day of the week. You'll know whether the #TBT is referring to one thing or the other by looking at the picture.

A similar hashtag is #FBF. Here FBF stands for Flash Back Friday. Similar to to the abbreviation TBT, it is used when you share old photos on Friday.


Here jj stands for the famous instagrammer Josh Johnson. There is a rule stuck to this abbreviation. The rule is that if you post one photo using this abbreviation then you have to comment on two others and like three other photos. This abbreviation, therefore, is a way to gain more followers and be more known in the world of Instagram.

What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean? - #jj

#MCM and #WCW

Here MCM stands for Man Crush Monday. This is used for photos which are shared on Monday and contains the picture of your favorite guy crush.

Just the same, WCW stands for Women Crush Wednesday. This abbreviation is used for photos of women which people share on Wednesday whom they admire the most or have a crush on.


GOTD stands for Gram Of The Day. It is used in those photos for which a person feels that’s it’s their best photo of the day. It is a great hashtag to use when you want to summarize what you've done during the day or to show something unexpected that has happened and you've taken a good picture of it.

Similarly, POTD stands for Photo Of The Day. If you post a picture which you think is one of your best shot then use the abbreviation POTD.

What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean? - #GOTD and #POTD


TT stands for Transformation Tuesday. This abbreviation is used for those photos of instagram users who have transformed their body towards fitness. It is a popular hashtag and is used hugely by the fitness industry.


OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day. If your outfit is amazing enough to make your day then share it with the hashtag #OOTD. It is a great hashtag if you really like fashion and want to gain more followers.


GF is the abbreviation for Global Family or Gang Family. It is actually a community which extends its support to all the talented photographers throughout the world. Very useful if you really like photography and would like to gain more followers that can appreciate your work with the camera.

What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean? - #GF

#F4F and #S4S

These two hashtags are specifically pointed to gain more followers. Here F4F stands for Follow for Follow, used when someone wants to follow you if you follow them back.

Similar to this one, S4S stands for Shoutout for Shoutout. It is used when a person asks you to follow a certain person in exchange for your fans to follow that person.


It might be the most well-known abbreviation of all times, YOLO which means You Only Live Once. Include it in the photo where you are doing a daring activity or a fun activity after all what’s life without a bit of adventure and fun since you only live once.

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  • Adding hashtags to your pictures on Instagram is a great way to gain more followers
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What do the Different Abbreviations on Instagram Mean?