What Do The Hashtags #TBT And #FBF Mean?

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 21, 2021
What Do The Hashtags #TBT And #FBF Mean?

The hashtag has revolutionized the way we communicate on social networks, serving to group related content together. This way, when someone is interested in finding out about a specific topic, they can see all the related posts and discover new profiles. Hashtags are not only purely for discovering posts from other people. They are a great way to share your own posts and build up your social media community by attracting followers.

For this reason, staying on top of Instagram trends can help you build your reach. At oneHOWTO, we discuss two of the most popular Instagram trends by explaining what do the hashtags TBT and FBF mean?


  1. What does TBT on Instagram mean?
  2. What does FBF mean on Instagram?
  3. Why do people use TBT and FBF on Instagram?

What does TBT on Instagram mean?

Every Thursday you may have started to notice your Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of posts with the hashtag #TBT. If you look closely at these posts, you will notice they tend to have older photos, some even of the user as a much younger person. But what does TBT mean on Instagram?

This abbreviation stands for Throwback Thursday. It is designed to allow you to share pictures from your past which have significant meaning to you. A ‘throwback’ means casting your mind to something from the past. Many people choose to share memories of a particular person or event which means something special to them.

What Do The Hashtags #TBT And #FBF Mean? - What does TBT on Instagram mean?

What does FBF mean on Instagram?

But then what if you forgot to upload that old photo on Thursday? There's no problem, you've noticed that some people also upload them on Fridays with the hashtag #FBF.

What what does #FBF mean? This acronym means Flashback Friday, it's the same as on Thursdays, you can upload old pictures and mention your friends for fun reminiscing. Essentially, Flashback Friday is a way for people to post old photos when they forgot about Throwback Thursday.

#FBF and #TBT are only two of the many hashtag trends we can find on Instagram and other social media platforms. If you want to how to navigate them properly, you should take a look at our article on what the different abbreviations on Instagram mean.

What Do The Hashtags #TBT And #FBF Mean? - What does FBF mean on Instagram?

Why do people use TBT and FBF on Instagram?

While this might seem like a simple question, the reason why social media users like to post old photos is probably quite complex and varied. It will depend on the individual, but we can see certain impulses behind these hashtag trends. They include:

  • Nostalgia: we often look at the past through rose-tinted glasses, so posting old photos can be a way to remind ourselves of the ‘good times’.
  • Progress: our social media profiles are often a record of what we have been doing since we started using them. By showing Throwback Thursday posts, we can show how we have developed from the past and feel happy about our growth.
  • Fun: often it is simply fun to look back at our old selves. Whether we were doing something stupid on holiday, wearing some comically out-of-date or simply looking at how cool we once were, FBF and TBT can provide a lot of joy to our followers.
  • Remembrance: when someone we love passes, we can often used TBT and FBF to look back at a time when we were with them.

Whatever you want to use Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday for, they can be a great way to share with your friends. However, if you want to build your reach, you can check out our article on how to use hashtags to get more followers on Instagram.

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What Do The Hashtags #TBT And #FBF Mean?