What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram

By Max. D Gray. Updated: April 2, 2020
What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram

So you want to block someone on Instagram? Whatever the reason may be, you might be asking yourself what this will imply. Can they still see your profile? Will they know you blocked them?

In this article from oneHOWTO we will explain in detail what happens when you block someone on Instagram.

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What happens when I block someone on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram they will not be notified. If you have a public profile, they are still able to search for your profile. However, they will no longer be able to see your content or message you. To undo this, you can always unblock them. If your profile is public, they will not be able to search for you.

Check out the photo below to see what they will see if they search for your profile after you block them and what you will see on their profile once you black them if both profiles are public.

What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram - What happens when I block someone on Instagram?

Common questions about when you block someone on Instagram

Here are some common questions about what happens when you block someone from Instagram:

How do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

We answer this question thoroughly on our article How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram.

Can you still see someone's profile after you've blocked them?

No, you cannot see their content. You can search for them but to see their photos and stories you must unblock them.

When you block someone on Instagram, can they still message you?

No. They cannot interact with you via your profile or direct messages.

How do you completely block someone from Instagram?

We answer this thoroughly on our article How To Block Someone On Instagram.

Can Instagram block you?

Yes, learn more on our article Can Instagram Block You.

Can someone I blocked still mention me in their photos or stories?

Yes. They can mention your username but this won't come up on your activity. If you block them and change your username, they cannot mention you anymore.

Are my old comments and likes still visible to someone I blocked?

Yes. Instagram does not delete them.

How to make your Instagram more secure

If you're thinking of blocking someone from Instagram, perhaps you're also interested in making your Instagram account more secure. To do this you can try our following tips:

  • Have a strong password
  • Change your password regularly
  • Always sign out when you enter through a new device
  • Don't use third party apps
  • Make you profile private
What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram - How to make your Instagram more secure

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When you block someone and another instagram account features my work and tags me can the blocked person see that post?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi bre,

Yes, they will be able to. However, once they click on your profile, it will be blocked and they cannot see any of your own posts.
LakshmiKanta jana
Pl unwanted message not sent
neha diya
Will the person I blocked in Instagram see my posts and followers?
Ameera Mills (oneHOWTO editor)
Hi Neha
If you block a person on Instagram they cannot see your posts or followers.
Lakshmikanta jana
Pls stop unwanted message
if they have an app that tells them who blocked them and who sees they're account what will happen?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Mary,

There are many apps which claim they tell you who has blocked you, but none which we can verify they actually work. We recommend checking out this article for more info:
If I block someone on Instagram and we have mutual friends/followers. Will I be able to see their comments/likes on a mutual friends post? I know they won't be able to see what I say and do but I don't want to be able to see anything that they say or do either
OneHowTo Editor
It is possible that if someone uses a person's username in a blocked post, the handle will come up in a comment. However, if a person who has been blocked by this handle clicks or taps on it, it will say that the user doesn't exist. If your account is private, they won't be able to see your posts at all (unless they look on someone else's profile which you have accepted). They won't be able to add new comments to your posts, but you will have to delete their pre-existing ones. You will be able to see their comments on other people's posts, but you will simply have to ignore them.
There is a woman on my Discover people under in your contacts. But I do not know her. I realized who she is, she is the mother of someone I once knew. WE blocked each other on IG 2 years ago. How is this person under "In your contacts" if I never met her before? It's driving me nuts.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Luna,

The Instagram algorithm is a complicated one and even experts can only deduce so much, such is its complexity and secrecy. While this article is for Facebook and not Instagram, the former owns the latter and it likely works in a similar way. Take a look and see if it can help you better understand how you acquaintance's mother is connected:
Joselin Galvez
I blocked someone on Instagram and their full page was blocked to everyone else including him, which was not my intention. How did this happen and how can he get his page back?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Joselin,

We have no idea, there is no way you blocking someone on Instagram should affect their own personal profile or their followers. Maybe there is some misinformation being given here?
I followed someone on instagram, and then I blocked him, can my followers see that I have blocked that person?
OneHowTo Editor
No, your followers have no way of knowing you have blocked somebody unless that person says so.
Hope this helps
If Ive recently blocked someone will they be able to view my instagram bio?
OneHowTo Editor
Once their cache has been renewed, they won't be able to view your profile bio. Hope this helps
shikha singh
if i had a conversation with someone and then i block that person the will automatically delete?
coz i haven't deleted the chat but i'm not able to see even a single msg

What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram
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What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram

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