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What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram

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What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram

Someone is putting too many likes and comments on Instagram or constantly mentions to you people you do not even know. The point has come where you are now bored and decide to block that user. But what does this mean? Does the person in question know that you have blocked them? Will you stop receiving unwanted notifications? To answer all these questions and many others, we at OneHowTo explain in detail what happens if you block someone on Instagram.

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First of all, you should know that in the case that your Instagram account is public, anyone can see your pictures, give likes and add comments; so if you do not want this to happen, we recommend you follow the instructions in our article how to make an Instagram account private.

With this simple change you'll be able to limit the access of spam users to your account, as well as annoying brands and trolls. You'll also get more privacy, as nobody will be able to see your pictures unless you give them access to your account.


Even so, on private Instagram accounts you can also block users who do not interest you or which you consider spam. From that moment onwards, the person or company in question will no longer see your photos or videos.


Furthermore, what happens when you block someone on Instagram is that they can no longer find your account, it will look like you have been removed. However, in the case of public accounts the profile will still be accessible via web browser, typing the address:*User Name*

This is the reason why, in step 1, we recommend you make your account private, to avoid annoying users being nosy and snooping into your account.


Importantly, if you block someone on Instagram that person will not receive any warning or notification. He or she will only know if they happen to notice that there are no updates from you and that they can no longer interact with you, even via private chat.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will be useful if you still have any doubts that haven't been solved:

If the person I blocked has friends in common, will they be able to view my profile?

No, as we've commented, your uploads and profile will not be visible for the blocked person. But if your profile is public the person will be able to view any comments you have written on your friend's pictures. If your account is private, you will simply stop existing for this person.

What happens if I "Like" a picture from the blocked person's profile?

A very common doubt is if the blocked person will be able to detect if you've liked one of their pictures. The answer is NO, as your like will automatically disappear. If you block someone on Instagram you won't be able to interact with such person, even if you can see their profile.

Can people find me on Instagram once I have blocked them?

No. When you block someone on Instagram your account will stop existing for that user and will not be able to find you on the app. But remember, if your account is public they can find you when searching for your name, even though they will not be able to view your profile.

If you are in the reverse situation you can check our article on how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Can people start a private chat?

Again the answer is NO, you will not receive any private messages from the person you have blocked. However, the person you blocked will be able to mention you using @username so you would receive these messages on your account.


And if you want to permanently close your account, you should consult our article how to delete my Instagram account for steps to follow to complete this action.


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Though I once was able to see comments left by users I blocked in accounts that we both followed, I find that I no longer can. Is this a recent update from Instagram? Their help page still suggests that one would be able to see likes and comments in public or shared accounts, but perhaps that's changed.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Matt,
It hasn't changed that we know about, but we'll look into it for you and let you know if it has.
I want the person's account to completely disappear like on Facebook. They still appear in my search and I can see their likes and comments on pictures.
This article is not accurate. If you block someone they can still see your comments and your likes on others accounts that you follow. If someone has shared your account with them they can also see that it is there but that you have blocked them and they are not able to follow you. But your account can be seen they just can't see what's on it or follow you. Which is so silly if you. Block someone the account should disappear completely.. hints what the feature should be for. Even if you block someone and they find your page they can STILL share your page with other people and those people can send them what is on your account... again the block feature needs to be undated on Instagram
I blocked an ex on Instagram, but after I did I was still able to see his profile and it always came up in the search bar. I just now noticed that I can no longer see his profile (which is fine) but how could he block me if I already unfollowed and blocked him? Just curious.
I've seen the other questions about DMs, but I have a very specific question. I blocked someone, but then I sent them a DM. Will they see this msg since I was the blocker and the person who sent the msg? Whether in their inbox or "requested msgs"?
Thankyou guys.. so much. You are nicest people.
God bless you.
Best wishes.
I've blocked someone on Instagram but their name shows up on Instagram search whenever I type any letter that is in their username. Can I remove them completely?
Alice T Breeze
Blocking someone means they won't be able so see you. Unless that person blocks you, you will still be able to see their publications if you search for them. Stop searching for this person and they won't appear as a suggestion eventually
If I block someone on Instagram, can they see photos I have been tagged in? Does it show up in their 'feed', so to speak?
OneHowTo Editor
If someone the person follows uploads a picture where you have been tagged, the first person will be able to see it if he or she follows the person who tagged you. Blocking just prevents the person from viewing your pictures and your tagged pictures from your profile, but if the person you blocked follows a person that uploads a picture of you, then he/she will be able to see it.
If I follow and quickly unfollow someone and then immediately block them, will they get a notification?
OneHowTo Editor
They will get the notification that you have followed them but once they go into the Instagram app, it will no longer appear on the Activity page.
Hope this helps
If i block a person on instagram even though i followed them and they follow me. But then i block them can they still see my post even though i blocked them. But they didnt block me. Does this mean there still following me ?
OneHowTo Editor
If you block a person, this person will not be able to see your posts even though he or she is following you. However, you will be able to see the person's posts unless he or she also blocks you.
Hope this helps

What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram
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What Happens If I Block Someone on Instagram