How to Get Followers On Instagram Fast And Ethically

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 31, 2019
How to Get Followers On Instagram Fast And Ethically

If you were a fan of lomography, or analogue photography, then you're bound to be mad about Instagram, one of the best applications in recent times. Instagram allows users to edit photos by applying melancholy retro effects, and then share them on social networks to give your friends the chance to take a look at your day-to-day activities and knowing where the image was uploaded from. If you want to get followers on Instagram, you'll find some hints and tips that you can use to astonish your contacts.

You'll need:

  • An iPhone with Internet access.
  • Instagram.
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Steps to follow:


Upload good pictures but not all of them at once. This might seem obvious, but it is really important. You should be consistent and provide your followers with attractive, amusing images. Here you have a tutorial on how to take good photos on Instagram.


Browse the most popular images that seem to work best on Instagram. Go to the 'Popular' section and have a look. The most popular images are almost always of a few shots of the sky, two landscapes, an adorable cat and at least one photograph of an attractive person. So now you have the secret formula! In addition, by following people who publish images that you like and commenting on them, you'll see how the number of followers you have will also increase.

How to Get Followers On Instagram Fast And Ethically - Step 2

Use hashtags, especially those that are trending. Instagram users tend to completely forget about hashtags, as though they were only invented for Twitter. However, hashtags are used an awful lot on Instagram in order to add your images to a category... So use them!

oneHOWTO also shows you the best tips to get more followers using hashtags.

How to Get Followers On Instagram Fast And Ethically - Step 3

Follow other users; you'll be surprised at how many followers this will get you on Instagram in just a few days. Another foolproof trick is to follow the profiles of celebrities or people who are currently in vogue. Search for the personal accounts of your favorite celebrities, follow them, comment on their pictures and your followers will also increase.


Comment on any and all pictures uploaded by your contacts and, if possible, make you comment funny or interesting. In short, pique the interest of other Instagram users to get them to click on your username.

Use Auto like, but always wisely, you don't want to turn into a spammy account.


Go to 'Profile' and configure your account to share your images across all your social networks. In addition, check the section underneath it, 'Find friends' to see if any of your phone contacts have set up an Instagram account.

How to Get Followers On Instagram Fast And Ethically - Step 6

If you can, include the geographical location in your images. This way, your followers will see where you took the photo, and that will spark their interest in seeing places they've never been and get them to share it.

This is also a clever way of getting your pictures on the Popular page.


Although it may seem obvious, do not forget to create a profile that's totally public. Private accounts are usually for people who only want to share their photos with their friends and family, and it is very difficult to gain followers outside that circle of family and friends.


By the way! You can also use Instagram from your computer. Find out how here.

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  • Don't post too many photographs over a short period of time as you could lose followers.
  • Be consistent in image quantity and quality.
  • Choose your best photo as a profile picture.
  • Make sure that your Instagram profile is public.
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How to Get Followers On Instagram Fast And Ethically