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Why Is Email Etiquette Important?

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: June 3, 2018
Why Is Email Etiquette Important?

No one could have predicted the growth and success of email communication years ago. While it appears as if social media will replace email in the near future, we are not there yet. Email is a fast, efficient and convenient method of communicating between individuals and businesses. When writing to a friend you may want to skip the introductions and be more carefree about the grammar in the body; however, formal email etiquette is essential when contacting the human resources manager of the firm you are applying for.

In this oneHOWTO article we explain why email etiquette is important.

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  1. Ensure fast communication
  2. Grammar and punctuation is important
  3. Consider the recipient(s)
  4. Leaving your mark

Ensure fast communication

A paramount reason why people quickly jumped on board to the email system is because it is a fast communication method. Not only is the delivery process highly efficient; but in just a few minutes, you can write up a message from a computer, tablet or phone.

When writing an email being concise and direct is important. Most people don’t want to spend hours glued to their computers checking up on their emails. At most times, only a few lines are enough to get the message across in a polite and respectful manner.

Grammar and punctuation is important

The placing of the comma really makes all the difference. When you are talking with someone in person you can take advantage of your hands and body gestures to help convey the message. When speaking on the phone your tone of voice will help clarify how you want the message to be delivered across. With email, all these elements are missing and you have to rely on keeping proper grammar and following correct punctuation rules to communicate.

Learning how to structure sentences, group paragraphs and most important when to place those commas on your business emails can set you up for success or set your chances down the drain.

Why Is Email Etiquette Important? - Grammar and punctuation is important

Consider the recipient(s)

While a large number of emails are sent from automated mailing systems in mass amounts to different groups, it is still important to consider who is the recipient of the message. At the beginning of your email, you are asked to write the recipient(s) and the subject line. At times you may know the recipient, but many other times this will be your first time writing to this person.

First impressions can’t be erased as much as we would like sometimes. Especially if you are contacting this person for an important matter, you may want to follow proper email etiquette so as to not hurt your chances for the recipient of the message wanting to help you.

Why Is Email Etiquette Important? - Consider the recipient(s)

Leaving your mark

All your activity on the Internet can be traced back to you. Every search that you make, image that you post or email that your send will have your mark written all over it. When using the Internet, it is important to consider what amount of information you are willing to set public for the rest of the world to see.

When you are sending an email, make sure that you are leaving a mark that you are proud of. Similarly to social media, people have suffered the consequences of seeing their emails resurface not for the best of reasons. Think of it as your signature and how you want people to remember you days or years from now.

Why Is Email Etiquette Important? - Leaving your mark

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Why Is Email Etiquette Important?