How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram

Anaëlle Laurent
By Anaëlle Laurent. Updated: August 2, 2020
How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram

Are you one of those people who prefers dark mode? Many people are as dark mode is less stressful for the eye. Instagram has now joined this trend and allows you to have dark mode on their app. If dark mode is also soothing to your eye and you wish to activate dark mode on Instagram, stay tuned.

In this oneHOWTO article, we're going to explain how to activate dark mode on Instagram for iOS or Android. We'll give you two different ways to do this. Keep reading this easy step-by-step guide to change to dark mode!

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  1. Why use dark mode
  2. How to activate dark mode on Instagram for iOS
  3. How to put dark mode on Instagram for Android
  4. How to activate dark mode on the Instagram App

Why use dark mode

The popularity of dark mode has increased considerably in recent years, becoming a very fashionable trend in the world of mobile apps. Some are convinced that dark mode gives interfaces a sleeker look, but it's more a matter of taste.

Other than the different look, dark mode is also less stressful on our eyes. Allowing us to have a more soothing experience when using our mobile phones. Using night mode can also help you sleep better when you use your phone before going to bed.

Does the dark mode save battery?

It can, depending on your phone. Google[1] stated that dark mode can save battery on phones with OLED screens, however, not all phones have these types of screens. iPhones, which use LCD screens, don't seem to register a decrease in the milliamps used when activating night mode. Therefore, it will save energy on most Android phones but not on iPhones.

This is because LCD screens always light up all of their pixels, regardless of whether dark mode is on or not. For OLED displays, the pixels that display black remain off, so the battery can show up to a 63% decrease in amperage.

To learn more read our article on how to save mobile battery life.

How to activate dark mode on Instagram for iOS

Many speculate that the Instagram's change has been caused by the launch of iOS 13, the new version of Apple's operating system that allows night mode to be configured throughout the system interface. Whatever the reason may be, it has been a way to adapt to new trends. This is because the dark mode is increasingly becoming the standard configuration and preferred mode by mobile users.

Thus, in order to use dark mode on your Instagram, you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 13. You can use this operating system if you have an iPhone 6s and up (including iPhone SE). Instagram will be able to read the settings you choose on your system and will switch from day to night mode automatically. These are the steps you must follow to do it:

  1. When you install iOS 13, your iPhone will ask you what you want to give your mobile and ask you to select between the dark and light version.
  2. If you choose the clear option and want to change it, then go to the Settings app.
  3. Tap the Screen & brightness tab.
  4. You will see that the first option is to change the Appearance. Choose Dark. Your iPhone will automatically change the entire interface.
  5. Enter Instagram and you will see that the dark mode will already be activated.

At the moment, Instagram does not have the manual option to change the appearance only within the app for iPhones. They only have this option for Android phones. Therefore, you can only use dark mode if you have it configured on your entire iPhone.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram - How to activate dark mode on Instagram for iOS

How to put dark mode on Instagram for Android

When it comes to Android devices, you have two options: change on your phone settings or on the app. However, you'll need to update the operating system to Android 10 in order to activate it via the app.

For now, we will explain how to change it from your phone's settings, changing your phone's mode and also, Instagram. To do this, follow our simple instructions:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Now, tap on “Display”.
  3. Simply click on “Dark theme” to activate the dark mode.
  4. Now go back to see the dark mode on your phone activated.

Now when you go on Instagram, you will see that it is also in dark mode. To deactivate it, you just need to go back and tap on dark theme again.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram - How to put dark mode on Instagram for Android

How to activate dark mode on the Instagram App

This option will only work for Android phones that has an operation system is at least an Android 10. Unfortunately, this isn't available for iPhones users yet. In this method, you'll need to go to the Instagram app. Now, follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to your profile by tapping the icon on the bottom right.
  2. Tap the three stripped icon on the top right.
  3. Now, tap on “Settings”, then tap “Theme”.
  4. Select “Dark”, and you're done!

Doing this will only activate dark mode on the Instagram app. Your phone can still be in light mode. If you want to learn more about using Instagram, read our article on how to add music on instagram stories.

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How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram