How to Live Stream on Instagram

By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Live Stream on Instagram

On Instagram's latest update, the famous Social Network has added a new feature to compete against Snapchat. First they added the video feature, then it was the turn of video and photo stories and at last. this app offers the possibility of broadcasting live video from Instagram.

Can you imagine being at a football stadium and live broadcast your team scoring on Instagram? Taking a peek at the concert your best friend's gone to without even getting off the couch? This new feature, pretty similar to those of Periscope and Facebook Live has its own exclusive features too. Today at oneHowTo, we're going to show you how to live stream on Instagram step by step.


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Steps to follow:

At the moment this brand new feature is only available for Android users, but will soon be available for iPhone too. To live stream on Instagram you will need to download the latest version of Instagram, launched on the 21st November 2016. if you're an Android user you must have noticed it's updated on it sown, but if this is not the case, go to Play Store and search for Instagram. There, click on update.

Once your app has been updated, next time you open it on your phone you'll notice how a new live video option is available. This option to live stream may not appear directly, this means you haven't updated the app correctly. When you update apps it's recommendable to do so when you are connected to Wi-Fi, this way it will work better and faster.


Once the app is ready you can start to live stream on Instagram for all of your followers. It's really simple and intuitive, there's nothing complicated about it, they've simple added a new tab to the video options you already had.

On the top left part of your screen, next to the history feed, you'll see a camera logo. If you click on it, you'll find several options to record video on Instagram.

How to Live Stream on Instagram - Step 2

Up to date, when you opened this tab you could only select "normal" or "boomerang" modes. Thanks to this new update, you will find there's a third option called "live", where you'll be able to live stream your videos on Instagram with no problem at all.

If you click on " Start Live Video" you'll see a notification appears on the screen reading: " We'll notify some of your followers so they can join you. Live videos are only available while you're live and will disappear afterwards". If you accept, you can start to live stream on Instagram for any of the followers who wish to join you.

To stop your Instagram live streams, you will only have to tap on the top right button reading 'End' and confirm by clicking on the 'End video' button.

How to Live Stream on Instagram - Step 3

Every time you start live streaming a video on Instagram your followers will receive a push notification in which they are warned so they can tune in if they're interested. Immediacy is key for this new function, as people will only be able to see what you're recording while you're live, it will not be saved in your history like Instagram stories. Whoever doesn't tune in live will miss whatever you're broadcasting.

This is the major difference if we compare it to Instagram stories and other live streams such as those of Facebook Live or Periscope. These two apps allow viewers to check the live stream on your history during a certain period of time for your followers to view. In the case of Instagram live stream, you'll only be able to watch live.

With the latest version of Instagram you can also go live with a friend now, which is why at oneHOWTO we tell you all about it!


This update does not change any of the other features that Instagram had previously. If you don't want to live stream, you can keep on uploading videos in the usual way. Moreover, you'll still be able to upload videos that last for 24h or those that stay on your Instagram wall forever.

However, you may want to check your personal settings in order to disable comments from users during live streaming and to avoid certain users from seeing your live videos too. You can do so by clicking on the 'Settings' button, depicted as three vertical dots on the top right of your profile page. Scroll down to 'Story settings' and choose your preferences as you wish to.

How to Live Stream on Instagram - Step 5

Apart from the videos, this new Instagram update has made some changes when it comes to the app's features. To begin with, private messages on Instagram direct can also send videos or disappearing messages that vanish after the receiver has viewed them.

In an attempt to fight Snapchat, Instagram as decided to veer towards some of the features of their rival app. As Snapchat does, Instagram also is going to send push notifications if a user has made a screenshot too.


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How to Live Stream on Instagram
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How to Live Stream on Instagram

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