How to Auto Like on Instagram

How to Auto Like on Instagram

There are millions of people using social media on an every day-to-day basis whether that is for business or personal reasons. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps drawing in users from all around the world. With so many people using Instagram you might have wondered how come it is so hard to acquire more followers. Companies often look at a user’s number of followers when offering influencer positions that will drive up sales. Liking someone’s picture and using specific hashtags may help boost up your reach getting more people to check out your interest worthy content.

In this oneHOWTO we explain how to auto like on Instagram.

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Steps to follow:


It can’t be denied that it takes time and effort to grow a social media community if you are not using time saving ideas such as scheduling posts. There are some people that prefer to take shortcuts by trying to buy Instagram followers. You might have seen many people commenting on many people’s posts; but in truth these are spam accounts solely created to play dirty.


Liking a picture shows appreciation towards someone else’s content. Most often that person will want to reciprocate the love by checking out your account and maybe liking some of your pictures. However, given that there are so many people using Instagram you may not get to see everyone that has used your hashtag or left a message on one of your pictures.

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There are a few apps that offer Instagram automation processes. They will like, comment and even follow people on your behalf just by programming the app. You do need to be careful when using these apps since the last thing you want to accomplish is to start spamming other people’s accounts.



Perhaps one of the most popular Instagram automation apps is Instagress. Instagress offers a 3-day trial period where you can try their services and decide if you want to keep using them for a low starting price. From your browser, you may select a specific geolocation and program a set number of actions you want the app to run automatically. For instance, you can choose to like a post that has used a specific hashtag or follow people under certain criteria.

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Head to head with Instagress is Archie. This app offers automation services for both Twitter and Instagram; however, it is mainly targeted for businesses and brands. Companies often are in the lookout for potential influencers and this app allows them to have a wider reach to people that may be posting relevant content. If you want exposure Archie also offers a free trial period.



One of the first apps in the market offering automation Instagram services is Tagliker. Since 2003, it has been afloat capturing the interests of smaller accounts wanting to gain more followers. The app can be quickly installed onto your phone where you can quickly set up to like a certain number of hashtags without sending out spam. Tagliker guarantees that you will see up to date information analytics on your account about incoming likes and followers.

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How to Auto Like on Instagram