How to Become an Instagram Fitness Model

By Sara . Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Become an Instagram Fitness Model

Instagram is the perfect platform to turn you hobby and passion into a lucrative endeavor. Thanks to Instagram, some people have even left their full-time jobs and turned their hobbies into full fledged businesses. One of the hottest topics on Instagram is fitness. Many Instagram users want to become fitter, and Instagram fitness models give them tips and encouragement on how to do this through photos.

If you are a fitness enthusiast with a toned body or just a ‘normal’ person and you want to know how to become an Instagram fitness model, keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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  1. Create your own individual fitness presence
  2. Build a portfolio on Instagram
  3. Stay social and interactive- get more followers!
  4. Update your account regularly
  5. Create a blog

Create your own individual fitness presence

If you want to become an Instagram famous fitness influences, you need to market yourself and create a distinct Instagram presence. In order to do this you need to answer a couple of questions;

  1. Who is your target market and audience?
  2. Who is influencing you?
  3. What are your aims and goals with your Instagram page?
  4. How are you different?

Instagram officially has around 80 million users, that means your page is 1 in 80 million. Therefore, you need to stand out and be different. The benefit of so many people on this forum is that you have more chances of gaining followers. The downside however is that you can easily fall between the cracks. Many fitness influencers today are profiting on being themselves, rather than the ideal ‘‘perfect body’’. We need to remember that body positivity is a concept which has recently taken over the world-wide web. Women want a realistic goal in which they can relate to. You need to keep this in mind when thinking of how you will gain more followers and create your presence. It is most likely you will get more followers by being your real individual self than trying to be like someone else.

Something to help you with creating this niche is by creating a unique hashtag which you should use in all your photos. As the hashtag becomes popular, people will start relating you and your profile with it which will earn you both fame and followers.

How to Become an Instagram Fitness Model - Create your own individual fitness presence

Build a portfolio on Instagram

Creating a strong portfolio is one of the most important step to become an Instagram fitness model. Build your modelling portfolio by making a collection of your best photos.

Since fitness modelling is quite a specific type of modelling, we suggest using photos relative to this genre. Post gym photos, your before and after transformations or even your diet routine. Make sure that you have enough diversity in your photos so that your feed looks interesting to the eye. If you are posting your workout photos, take them with different backgrounds such as the gym, a hill top, on the beach or during sunset or sunrise. The more visually attractive your portfolio is, the more followers you will attract.

Many top fitness influencers at the moment, follow a theme of their own. For example, some focus on their best physical aspects and how they keep that specific body part in shape, for example: the butt. Therefore, their photos will be themed on photos of the bum region. Remember, keep these photos interesting. Yes, you should keep to a theme so that your profile isn’t all over the place, but don’t let your page get boring. Everyday you should look at your page as if you were in the shoes of someone who doesn’t know you, if you saw your photo in the general Instagram search page, would it stand out from the others?

Stay social and interactive- get more followers!

To become a successful fitness model on Instagram you must make sure that you post regular interactive questions and photos to engage your followers. Put forward a health or fitness challenge and complete it, asking your followers to do the same. These Instagram challenges can last from 1 week to a couple of months. You can set an exercise regime that people can follow daily through your posts. And most importantly, don’t forget to hashtag them!

Start a trend - a healthy trend - which promotes healthy and positive body image. This will garner positive reactions from your followers and other Instagram users. You can share your diet plan or post photos of meals and shakes you make to stay fit and healthy. Keep a tab of the current fitness trends so that your followers can get information on what is new and successful in the fitness scene.

How to Become an Instagram Fitness Model - Stay social and interactive- get more followers!

Update your account regularly

Be active on your Instagram account regularly. Keep posting photos at regular intervals, or even multiple times during the day. This will lead to a steady flow of visitors in your account.

You can ask your followers questions, answer their queries and ask them for feedback. This will help in building a relationship with them and other Instagram users. Make sure to tell them that you appreciate their feedback by sending a personal message or tag them in your next post or through some other creative ways.

You also have the option to schedule your content. When it comes to social media you have to think strategically, for example, at what time are most people online? If you post at times when less people are likely using the app your photo will get less likes and therefore be lost among the others through the feed. There are many Instagram Scheduling apps that allow you to schedule posts in advance, check out apps such as; ScheduGram and Hootsuite.

Share fitness stories

Instagram has recently come out with a live streaming or stagnant story board which you can post videos and photos to. This new feature let’s you share stories from your day which appear as a slideshow when clicked on. This feature also allows you to post as much as you want without over-flooding your page as these posts are deleted within 24 hours. These stories also come with special features where you can add text, drawings, gifs or emojis to add excitement to the post.

You also need to engage with your followers, ask them questions in your Instagram Live Video.

How to Become an Instagram Fitness Model - Update your account regularly

Create a blog

Many Instagram fitness influencers have blogs on the side to promote their fitness journal. If you have a blog with repeated and more information, you can link it to your Instagram Page. You can add the link to your blog to your Instagram Bio. If you already have people following your blog that means that they will hopefully also follow you on Instagram, and it works vice versa! Because you can only write so many words on Instagram and because it is often more of a handheld experience, on your blog you can extend on information, exercises, recipes which you have mentioned on your Instagram!

To start a blog you can take a look at or Joomla.

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How to Become an Instagram Fitness Model