How To Place An Ad On Instagram

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Place An Ad On Instagram

Instagram has become one of the major social networks of the moment. Advertising on this network of shared images was, until now, impossible because there was no application for it. However, you can now create ads on Instagram and thus increase your sales, make yourself known to people interested in your products and improve your business. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you step by step how to place an ad on Instagram so you can learn about the new functionality on this social network.

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Steps to follow:


Instagram now accept the insertion of advertisements for companies to reach new users and / or clients who may be interested in their products. However, advertising will be introduced naturally to avoid the feeling of "spam" and to make sure the results of the campaigns are effective.

For this reason, the ads can be segmented by interests, user profiles and accounts that are followed. As is the case with Facebook ads, Instagram may also filter the users the ads are sent to in order to maximize investment.


As is the case with the application of adverts on other social networks, on Instagram you will also be able to close the ads that are not relevant to you, meaning that this kind of advertising does not appear on your timeline again.

In order to hide the ads you do not want to see, you only have to click on the right side of the image where the word "Sponsored" appears and you will get a new option that will say "Hide", and if you tick this you won't get this or any similar adverts again. This means that marketing campaigns are suited to users.

How To Place An Ad On Instagram - Step 2

In this new system of Instagram ADS, companies can do "Premium" posts - a different type of publication where the content is highlighted to users. It includes the following features:

  • Operational and measurable links: Currently, it is not possible to insert links on Instagram unless you manually put it in the description of the image. With the current option, companies can integrate their links and, in addition, they can be measured to assess the profitability of each campaign.
  • Call to action: originally on Facebook, now this social network has ads that can have buttons with messages like "Buy now", "More information", etc. A nonexistent functionality for users.
  • Image slideshow: furthermore, ads on Instagram also allow the company to upload more than one image of the product to sell and these can be in the form of a slideshow with scrolling images.

As with other social networks, Instagram will also review all of its ads before publication in order to have comprehensive control over the quality and the content being advertised. Also (as already mentioned), the advertiser will be able to segment to the public who will receive their ad, to optimize the results. In the same way, a complete analytical system allowing the measurement of the results to make improvements and evaluate each campaign will be offered.

How To Place An Ad On Instagram - Step 4

To be able to place an ad on Instagram currently there is no functionality within the app - you must do it from a partner website: Adsmurai. Through this website you can create your ads on the social network and get to your potential customers, improving the positioning of your brand and even increasing your sales.

However, you should know that Instagram is developing its own platform through an API to offer advertising services from the same app so you can have an experience similar to that of Facebook but with new features.


Apart from placing an ad on Instagram, companies can also use this app in other ways to reach more public such as increasing their followers and visibility. Take a look at these OneHowTo articles if you'd like to know How to get followers on Instagram fast and ethically.

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How To Place An Ad On Instagram