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How to Upload an Instagram Story from the Gallery

How to Upload an Instagram Story from the Gallery

Catching up with Snapchat, other apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram have decided to add ephemeral stories to their latest updated features. But what does this mean? You can now upload content that will only be visible for your followers or whoever happens to click on your profile (if it's public) and it will disappear forever within 24 hours.

Though many people use it to record what they're doing at that moment, some prefer to wait for prime time in order to upload a picture or video that they have recorded throughout the day, as Instagram stories will only let you upload gallery pictures that have been taken within the last 24 hours. Read this complete oneHOWTO step by step guide to know the basics on how to upload an Instagram Story from the gallery, plus some great tips and hacks so you can upload pictures that have been taken way after the last 24 hours.

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Steps to follow:

Open the Instagram stories feature. The first and most obvious step is to click on the Instagram stories feature, you will find it on both iPhone and Android. If you haven't uploaded a previous Instagram story during the last 24h already, click on your avatar in the shape of a circle at the top right of your screen, where it will read "Your story".

If you already posted one story, click on the camera right above your avatar, right top left of your screen.


Swipe down. Once you are in the Instagram stories feature, instead of taking a picture, swipe down, and a feed with the pictures and videos you have taken during the past 24 hours will appear. Click on the one you like the most.


Edit and post. Like with usual Instagram stories, you'll be able to add a text to the image, add stickers or edit filters.

Once you're ready, just click on 'Done' and the picture will be visible for your followers during exactly 24 hours.


Upload a photo older than 24 hours. Although Instagram does not let you choose from pictures in your Gallery that have been taken more than 24 hours earlier, there are still a few ways to fool the system.

The screenshot

One of the easiest ways to fool the Instagram stories 24 hour policy is by taking a screenshot just before you want to post the photo. The screenshot will appear on your Gallery feed as it has been taken within the last 24 hours. This is also a great way to post a horizontal picture and make it look good, as your gallery will create a black frame when you screenshot the picture in vertical, making the photo look more flattering on your stories.

Edit the picture or video

It doesn't get any simpler than this. Just choose the photo you want to upload on Instagram stories directly form your Gallery, no matter how old it is. Click on the photo's "Edit" option. Even if you don't want to edit it a lot, just adding a slight change such as cropping the picture, modifying its tone a notch or creating a frame for it and immediately saving it, you will be creating a brand new file that is less than 24 hours old. In this way, your edited picture will appear on the Instagram stories 24 hours gallery reel. This will also work for your videos if your phone has a video editor.


Upload a gallery video to Instagram stories. When we want to upload a video from our gallery, Instagram only selects the beginning of the video so, if the footage is too long and what you want people to see starts halfway through the video, your video story may stop before you expected to. If you want to choose which part of the video you want your Instagram stories followers to see, you will need to use a video editing app. Use iMovie for iPhone and Video Show for Android. Follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Create Project".
  2. Click on "Create Movie".
  3. Edit the video with the tools your smartphone's editor has to offer, cutting it to the length and images you desire.
  4. Click on "Save video".
  5. Your new video will be saved to your gallery, so you will only need to swipe down on Instagram stories to find your video there, even though the original footage was recorded weeks ago.

Did you know that you can also go Live on Instagram stories and share your live streams with a friend? At oneHOWTO we tell you all about it!


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Hi, I have a question about Instagram stories. Yesterday, I tried to upload an Instagram story from my gallery, but I didn't have any WiFi so it didn't upload. Even if 24 hours have passed since I took my photo, will I be able to upload it from my gallery or camera roll?
Thank you
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Hi Micha,
If your Instagram has been connected to the internet within the following 24 hours and it hasn't uploaded your instagram story automatically, then it's possible you won't be able to upload it from your camera rollo.
However, you can use some of the tricks mentioned in step 4, and find the way to upload a photo that is older than 24 hours from your camera roll.
They are all equally useful.

Hope this helps.

How to Upload an Instagram Story from the Gallery
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How to Upload an Instagram Story from the Gallery