How to Delete a Telegram Contact 

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Delete a Telegram Contact 

Telegram is an instant message application similar to WhatsApp but that offers other characteristics, such as higher data interaction. If you're using this app you might have someone on your contacts list whom you don't want to talk to anymore. In this OneHowTo article we'll solve your problem explaining you how to delete a Telegram contact. You need to be aware that deleting this contact from this messaging service will also delete them from your phone contacts, and thus they will disappear from your other applications and from the phone in general. Another alternative for not receiving notifications from this person is to simply block them. In any case, if this is what you want to do, at OneHowTo we'll explain the step-by-step process to delete them.

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Steps to follow:

To start, open your Telegram application and go to the chat area, which you will have access to from the bottom horizontal bar. Then click on the conversation with the contact you want to delete.

How to Delete a Telegram Contact  - Step 1

Once the chat is open, in the upper center of the screen you need to click on the picture of the contact that you want to delete from Telegram.

How to Delete a Telegram Contact  - Step 2

Now, in the new window that appears, click on the three vertical dots you'll find at the top right of the screen. A new small screen will open, where you'll have access to different configurations for that contact. You can edit his/her contact information, block him/her or share information. If what you want to do is delete the contact, click on the last option that reads Delete.

How to Delete a Telegram Contact  - Step 3

Then your Telegram app will ask you if you are sure you want to erase this contact from Telegram. Press on OK and your contact will be deleted.

How to Delete a Telegram Contact  - Step 4

Now you know how to delete a Telegram contact you may also want to disable last seen on Telegram for privacy reasons or know if you have been blocked on Telegram or how to create Telegram stickers.

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What did you think of this article?
Thank you. Advice was spot on! 👍
OneHowTo Editor
Glad to be of service!
Thank you!
This does not work ...Delete contact does not appear
Please someone is using my phone number contact for a telegram so I don't no how to stop it and remove my phone number out of it
Hakimov Bahrom
Someone is using my telegram How can I delete my account and also When I delete my account confirmation code come his mail
OneHowTo Editor
We'd advise you to contact Telegram directly to report this activity on your account.
Hope this helps
Someone is using my telegram How can delete my account
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Bahrom,

You can delete your Telegram account by following the instructions above.
Hope this helps!
What happens if I delete that person's number from my telegram and my actual phone contact list? Will they still be able to message me or see me as online? :)
OneHowTo Editor
Unless you have blocked that person on telegram the person will still be able to see you on his/her app.
Hope this helps
thanks... it was so much useful...
OneHowTo Editor
Happy to help!
I have 1998 contact to delete and it is to hard for to delete them one by one. Is there any way to delete them with one action
Try web version:
Click hamburger icon (3 lines on the top left) >> Contacts >> Edit >>
Here you can delete multiple contacts at once.
You have to click them each, but it should be easier than the mentioned above.
How to hide a notification in Telegram screen when I removed a member from the list of the group?

Another question is that how to delete permanently a message from the group chat?
This did not work for me. There are no dots next to the picture to click on and nowhere can I find an option to delete.
Very easy. THE PROBLEM IS TO CREATE THE CONTACT AGAIN!!! There seems to be no way!!!
After you deactivate/delete your Telegram account, how do you show up to users that had added you as a contact? Do you still show up with a Last Seen...?
OneHowTo Editor
If you deactivate it users will be able to see you. If you delete it permanently, users should not be able to see your account.
i deleted my acount but i forgot to delete my channels @jobsindubai4iran and @jobsindubai4pesian by my number +XXX-XXX-XXX70 please delete the channels
OneHowTo Editor
You should contact Telegram directly if you'd like your channels deleted.
Kind regards
There are some deleted accounts in my channel. I want to remove them but they dont remove.It asks you want to remove and I answer yes,but they are there again.what should I do?
F m
Hi. I have added my second number on telegram by mistake and a new account was added. Now, my previous account is not available. How can I get my previous account. Thanks in advance.
Hi. I deleted a conversation but i can't see the id anymore in my list and i don't have the id anymore.
thanx!!!you saved me from a huge misunderstanding!!!
how could delete all contact in one time (all of contact)
how to remove unknown person from list of group ?
OneHowTo Editor
You should be the admin of the group to be able to remove that person. If you are not, ask the admin to do so.
How to Delete a Telegram Contact 
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How to Delete a Telegram Contact 

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