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How To Fix iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna At Home

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 11, 2022
How To Fix iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna At Home

If your iPhone 4 does not connect well with wireless networks, you may have a problem with your antenna. In this OneHowTo article we explain how to check if your iPhone 4 wifi antenna has a problem and how to fix it.

If following this step-by-step guide does not solve your problem, at least you have eliminated one possible cause of the poor Wi-Fi coverage on your iPhone. One good indicator that this antenna problem is the issue is that you'll need to be very close to the Wi-Fi source to get a good connection.

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Steps to follow:


First we need to warn you of the risks. Opening an iPhone may void your warranty. If you still have an active warranty, it is not advisable to follow this tutorial. Go to an Apple store and exchange your iPhone.


At this point I should say that I tried this method and it worked for me, which is why I'm sharing it. However this solution will not solve all the antenna problems for an iPhone Wi-Fi connection, as due to the complex nature of these kinds of device it could be a great number of issues. It is the easiest and seemingly more common issue to fix, so it's worth giving it a try if your phone is out of the warranty.


The first step is to turn off your iPhone, never try to open and handle your device like this when it's switched on.


Next, you need to open the iPhone by unscrewing the two screws on either side of the charging/data cable port. For this step we will need a small screwdriver, because otherwise we won't be able to get the screw out!

How To Fix iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna At Home - Step 4

The next step is to separate the back panel of the iPhone on one side and the rest of the mobile on the other. It is important to do this with the screen face down to avoid dropping the battery.

How To Fix iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna At Home - Step 5

If you look in the picture below, this is where you'll find the problem. There is a small screw where the arrow is pointing in the picture which was causing the problem with my Wi-Fi antenna. I checked it with a small screwdriver and realized that it was loose. So I pressed it down very carefully. The problem was that the small screw of the antenna was not making full contact which meant that the Wi-Fi signal weakened.

How To Fix iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna At Home - Step 6

The next step is to replace the back cover of the iPhone by carefully putting it back into place and replacing the screws at the bottom of your iphone. Easier than you expected, right? If after doing this your iPhone 4 Wi-fi still doesn't work, take it to a shop. At least you know have tried one thing and eliminated this possibility.

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How To Fix iPhone 4 WiFi Antenna At Home