How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

There are a number of reasons why a user may have blocked you on Instagram. Some people decide to block their partner after they have split up, others don't feel like certain users should be able to see their pictures or maybe this person is angry at you. In order to protect an Instagram user and follow the correct privacy policies, Instagram privacy settings allow you to block any one want to. But this means that if you can block anyone, you too can be blocked.

Whatever your case may be, you may be wondering whether you have been blocked on Instagram or if the other user has simply deleted their Instagram account entirely. This is why, in this OneHowTo article we explain you how to know if someone blocked on Instagram.

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Steps to follow:

To find out if you have been blocked on Instagram and see who blocked me on Instagram, follow these steps;

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Go to the search bar.
  3. Type in the person who you think has blocked you’s Instagram username into the search.

Once you find the person you're looking for, click on their picture and name to enter his/her Instagram profile. You should be able to see his/her pictures. If you cannot see their pictures or any information, or if they don’t appear in the search bar there could be two reasons. Either, this person has blocked you from their Instagram or they have deleted their Instagram account entirely.

If the person you suspect has blocked you normally has a public account, you'll be able to find this person's name in the search bar, but once you enter into that user’s Instagram profile. Additionally, you will not be able to see his or her pictures; even though the top bar indicates the person has pictures in their profile (picture below).

However, don’t mistake this for a person who has deactivated their Instagram account or a person who has been blocked by Instagram, as this might also be the case. In fact, did you know that Instagram can also block you. For more, take a look at our article: Can Instagram Block you?

You can also use external apps to know if you have been blocked on Instagram. You can download apps such as Unfollowgram. These applications let you know who have unfollowed your account. If someone blocks you on Instagram it means that they automatically unfollow you. However, if someone unfollows you on Instagram it does not mean that they necessarily blocked you too.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram - Step 2

However, if the person who has blocked you has a private account, even if you search for the person's name, it won't appear in your search.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram - Step 3

If you're trying to see a person's profile but can't see it from your own Instagram account, it is likely that you've been blocked on Instagram. However, if you want to make sure that you have been blocked, you can try viewing that person's profile from another Instagram account. If you can find this profile from another account, then you can be sure that you've been blocked.

If you think that you have been blocked on Instagram, there's no use sending them a private message. This is because if you have been blocked by someone on Instagram it also means you will be blocked on instagram dm and the person will not receive your private message.

However, you can still contact a person you think has blocked you on Instagram, by mentioning them in a post or comment using @username.


So what happens when you get blocked on Instagram? Take a look at our article on what happens if you block someone on Instagram. The main changes include; you won’t be able to message, see or contact them through their Instagram profile.

Blocking someone on Instagram is actually fairly easy. If this person wants to block you for whatever reason, they can do so easily. You can block someone on Instagram or be blocked on Instagram by the click of a button. Once you block someone on Instagram they won’t be able to see your profile or pictures anymore. Although, you will still be able to see this person's profile if you search for it. If you want more information about how to do this, check our article on how to block someone on Instagram.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram - Step 5

Someone blocked my on Instagram how do I unblock myself

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you cannot unblock yourself. The person who has blocked you is the only person who can unblock you.

For more, we recommend reading our article where we discuss how to see if someone follows you on Instagram.

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  • There are various reasons why someone might block you on Instagram, but if this happens to you is better not to worry too much.
  • Don't ask for more explanations or continuously send text messages to the person that has blocked you, as this would only make things worse.

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Last week when after my friend changed her user name on Instagram, our messages and her account disappeared from me. I asked her from my second account and she assured me she did not block me. I also did not block her. I can only find her now from her comments on my posts from the week before last. When we try to follow each other again, Instagram won't allow us to. She currently has a private account and both of mine are public. At first, she could see my posts and told me that she can no longer see anything from me in my main account as of yesterday. Neither of us know or understand what happened. I have tried reporting this to Instagram about 3-4 times. I have also reinstalled Instagram on my phone twice.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Alexandra,

There shouldn't be any reason for this to happen. If she hasn't blocked you, she should see you alerts and be able to follow you. If she is following you, she will see your posts. Are you sure it isn't something as small as a typo?
If you don’t follow someone and they don’t follow you, how would you be able to find out if they blocked you. Search option says “ account not found.” When I type in user name. It used to come up immediately. Is there an app that covers non followers?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sarah,

There are lots of apps which claim they can tell you if someone has blocked you, but many (if not most) of them are not advisable to use. This is because they are often fronts for data mines or malware installation. Following the process of elimination detailed in our article is the best way to work out if someone has blocked you and it won't require you downloading anything potentially harmful.
If someone who never followed you ( or you followed them) on instagram blocked you, how would you know?. When i
use the search option it says “ account not found”. Their account was private- mine was public. This is a casual aquaintance. Is there an app that tells you who blocked you if they never followed you? Thank you.
How To Check Who Blocked You On Instagram
Great site you have here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours these days.
I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!
I thought a friend who has a private account had blocked me, but I am still able to search her and find her, but it says that her account is private and if I want to see her pictures then I should press follow. My wife had also been blocked (I assume) but the profile still shows up for her as well. Is it possible she blocked us, but then unblocked us and that's why her profile is still searchable?
OneHowTo Editor
If you used to follow her and now the account gives you the option to follow her again, then it is possible she unblocked you.
Hope this helps
I think I've been blocked by this girl, I can't search her name via my account but I can see her name from another account but I have a third party app called followers and her name doesn't show up at people who have blocked me. So what does this mean? I refreshed it so many times and it is up to date.
OneHowTo Editor
The safest way to know is to try to send a private message in order to know if she receives it and answers it
I figured it out, the app only shows people who have been following you and then blocked you, and she never followed me so thats why I couldnt see her in the app
OneHowTo Editor
thanks for the info!!!
I'm following a person who I can see their followers and following, but the have 0 posts. They had posts up last night and today the have 'no posts yet'. It's like one minute the posts are there next thing they're all gone. I know I'm not blocked as I would see the blue follow button if they had blocked me. Is it possible they could have archived all their posts?
i can find her on mu phone but i cant find her on my pc.
and when i press follow it doesnt follow her.
and the profile says "no posts yet" but i day before i was looking at her posts.
am i blocked?
OneHowTo Editor
This may be because your cache has not been refreshed yet. As soon as it has, you will no longer be able to see her.
Ok I was followed this girl who had a private account then I was able to see her post a few days later then a few months past I cant see any anymore but after this happened I looked up her account but the account said on it private account still being able to look it up
OneHowTo Editor
Then she has just set her account to private
Anna Hye
So my friend couldn't follow my account anymore (he was following before that, but suddenly he isn't anymore and we don't know why. He didn't unfollow me voluntarily).
He couldn't find me on search (my profile is public) and when he finally clicked into my profile he couldn't see any posts as if he is blocked by me (I didn't block him, and he didn't block me either).
My account is still functioning well aside from this problem (I can still post pictures, comment and like etc as usual).
He has been leaving some really nasty comments underneath my posts repeatedly, and many of my other friends/followers reported him/his comments I think (I myself didn't). But he promised not to do that again. His account is not banned/disabled by Instagram as he can still use his account to look at pictures and such. It's just that whenever he wants to follow me back he can't, and he can't see my profile as well. He sees how many posts, followers and followings I have but he just can't see any posts from his account (exactly as if I blocked him).
Does anyone have any idea why would this happen?
I'm not sure either. This is also happening to me. Maybe try @ tagging them in comments to talk?

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram
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How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

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