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How to open a TGz file

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to open a TGz file

The TGV file extension is used for compressed tar files. Tar is a file format used in Linux and Unix systems. "Tar" creates a single file that has many files inside. Tar files are not compressed. Gzip is a compression format for Linux and Unix, similar to the ZIP compression format. It's usually used to compress tar. files. "Tar" command includes options to extract the TGZ files.

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Steps to follow:


Open a terminal window or Konsole. The Terminal or Konsole program is found under the main program menu or clicking on the desktop with the right button.


Write "filename.tgz tar-xvzf" to extract the TGZ file. Relpace the " file name" with the name of the file.


Write "ls" to list the content of the TGZ file in the directory so the file can be extracted correctly.

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  • A compressed tar file with gzip can also have a tar.gz extension.
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How to open a TGz file