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How to open ISO files on windows

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to open ISO files on windows

An ISO image is a file where a copy or exact image is stored in a file system. Usually it is on a CD, DVD, software, operating system, etc. In order to open them, you need a program to do it. This won't be a problem because there are a wide range of programs for this. From, we tell you how open ISO files on windows.

You'll need:

  • Have programs like Winrar, UltraISO, Daemon Tools or something similar installed on your PC.
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Steps to follow:


The first way to open an ISO file is to have a common and free decompression program installed, like WinRaR. With the program installed and a complete ISO file, we simply need to click on it to open it, but this is not normal yet as the ISO files are divided and we first have to combine them. To do this, first create a folder on the desktop where you will keep them, extract them and put the ISO together.

How to open ISO files on windows - Step 1

Then, just right-click on the ISO file you want to open and select Open with WinRaR. Now in WinRaR, mark all the files that are part of the ISO image and you'll see a bar of options. Choose "extract in" by clicking on it.

Now we will tell it where we want to extract these files and choose where we want to store them using the options they give us (before doing this we recommend creating a specific folder on your desktop to keep the extracted ISO files). Now we can open them using auto-run and can copy the ISO to a CD, DVD, etc.


But there are two other programs that we can get for free that allow us to open and use ISO files on your computer without copying them to a CD or DVD. These are Daemon Tools Lite and UltraISO. It's simplest with UltraISO. After downloading the program, click on its icon to use it. Find the File option on the toolbar, this will display a menu where we can choose Open and look for the ISO file you want to open. Double-click the ISO file. Now you just have to search the UltraISO taskbar for the Set up a virtual drive option. Select it and return. Then go to the Computer icon of your computer and see that you created a virtual drive that will act as a CD or DVD that is ready for use.

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  • It is best to use the virtual option to open the file and if we like the file or it is helpful to us, we can then copy it to a CD or DVD if we want to
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How to open ISO files on windows