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How to Send a Fax with Gmail

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Send a Fax with Gmail

Normally to be able to send a fax we need a special machine for this or to go somewhere that will have one. But using the technological revolution that is the internet, we can send a fax easily from the comfort of our home. In this oneHOWTO article we will teach you some ways to send a fax with Gmail.

You'll need:

  • A Gmail account
  • A fax number within the coverage area (for the recipient)
  • The sending format
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Steps to follow:


Log into your Gmail account (if you do not have Gmail account, create one). Go to "Compose" and put whatever you want to appear in your fax, in this box.


Once you have finished filling it in, look above the text box and you will see the "To" box. In this box where you normally enter your email recipient, type in your fax recipient.


Use the following format to send the fax "". Using this general format, replace "recipient_name" with the name of the person who you want to fax, and "fax_number" with the fax number of this person. Keep the rest of this format the same.


Once you have entered in the information in the correct order, just click "Send".


Aside from using your Gmail account to send a free fax, there are also numerous other internet options to send a fax for free or very cheaply.


One of these free ways to send a fax is through It gives you a free trial month to send faxes and after this the service charges will apply. Once you've opened it up, just select the country where you want to send the fax and the phone number to send it to. Then fill in your email address as you will receive a confirmation email when the fax has been sent.

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How to Send a Fax with Gmail