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How to Talk to a Girl on Tinder

How to Talk to a Girl on Tinder

Interacting with the opposite sex is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why some people find it difficult to approach others for dates. To help such people many dating apps had been launched. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps nowadays. It is a location based dating app which helps to connect people with others in their locality. If you too want to use this app and are wondering how to talk to a girl on tinder, then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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Review the profile

The first step to any tinder conversation should be to review the profile of the person you like.

Most boys tend to start a conversation once they spot a face they like. Instead check out her profile and bio to find out what that person likes and dislikes. This will help you in knowing her likes and dislikes and also whether both of you have any common interest. You can later on use the common interest to keep your conversation interesting. Also, her profile may contain something unique or funny which you can use to start the conversation.

Start the conversation

Starting a conversation is easy enough now that you have gone through her profile. You can use the following tricks:

  1. Compliment: Start your conversation by complementing her. Instead of pointing her how hot she is, use the words gorgeous, beautiful, sweet or other compliments. Try to compliment on something unique such as a beauty spot so that she knows that you have really looked at her photos and have a genuine interest in her. Also, instead of her beauty you can also compliment on her achievement if she has mentioned any in her bio.
  2. Common interest: You can start the conversation by pointing out the common interest. This way both of you will have a lot to talk about.
  3. Pointing out something you don’t like: You can even make an honest observation and state any particular thing in her profile that you don’t like. Even though it is a risky step, yet it can be used. Sometimes conversation started on a negative note turns out to be the most beautiful conversation ever.

There are many other methods too through which you can start a conversation. Try anyone which you think will work the best.

Send quality message

You may be a person who loves to keep a conversation light, but while talking with girls try quality conversation. Send her messages which make a good impression. During conversation make generic observation and then talk about it. For example if she says that she went clubbing with her friends, then genuinely compliment her and tell her that it seems she had a fun weekend. If she seems interested in talking about the weekend then ask her questions and make observations so that she knows that you are interested in her daily activities.

If she wants to talk about her future or shares her goals with you then encourage her and suggest her ways in which she can achieve the goals.

Introduce humor

Once you feel that she is comfortable talking with you, introduce humor into your conversation. Let her see that you are a chilled out guy who loves to joke too. Be the perfect combination of serious and fun guy.

Ask for a date after few conversations

Never ask a girl to meet for a date on the first day itself. Take your time. Talk with her a few more times preferably 2-3 times more. Then ask for a date with her.

Even though tinder is there for quick dates, meeting a girl after 2-3 conversations will help in cementing your base. You will come to know more things about her which will aid in talking with her when you meet her in person.

Tell her when you are exiting a conversation

If an urgent task or job comes up and you need to go away then tell her that some work has come up. Never leave a conversation without letting the other person know why, or she will think you're simply ignoring her. Also, do not forget to mention the reason due to which you are ending the current conversation.

If you've decided you don't like the person, be polite and simply let the conversation die out. There's no need to let the person know you are no longer attracted to her, but rather let time run its course without ignoring her.

How to get a girl's number on Tinder

People need to be safe on Tinder, you never know who's on the other side, so a girl can take some time before she decides to give her number. You can ask for her number if you see you have a good connection, she laughs at your jokes and you have lots of things in common. If you ask for her number and she refuses, don't take it as an offense, she may feel safer only talking through the app, this does not mean she doesn't want to have a date with you, she only wants to get to know each other better.

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How to Talk to a Girl on Tinder
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How to Talk to a Girl on Tinder