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How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing

Do you want access Facebook without your contacts seeing you? Sometimes we want to navigate this social network without being detected, preventing any of our friends or contacts from writing us through the message system because they get to see us online, which is really annoying if we don't feel like talking or we do not have time to respond immediately.

If that's what you want, you are about to discover how to get it in just seconds. In this OneHowTo article we explain how to go on Facebook without anyone noticing to surf peacefully and undisturbed through life.

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Steps to follow:


Log in Facebook without anyone noticing so that they're unable to say you've been connected at this or that time is possible. You just have to tune up some details of your account and be careful with what you post if you want to go completely unnoticed.

To go on Facebook without your contacts noticing you should first of all access your account. To avoid being bothered while you get everything ready, it's best if you do this at a time when you know that there will be as few friends online as possible, for example, first thing in the morning.


Once you're logged into your account, go to the little gear icon in the lower right corner of your screen, right next to the chat bar. By placing the cursor over this area you will see that says Options.

How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing - Step 2

Click on the gear icon; you will see the options menu is displayed. Choose "Advanced Settings" to adapt your chat preferences to your needs and thus go on Facebook without anyone noticing.

How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing - Step 3

In "Advanced Settings" you can choose between three options:

  • Turn off chat for only some friends...: Only people that you indicate will not know you're going on Facebook because they will not see you in the chat.
  • Turn off chat for all friends except...: The chat is disabled for anyone you haven't included in the list of exceptions.
  • Turn off chat for all friends: No one will bother you, so you can connect and disconnect at ease without anyone being able to monitor at what time you went on Facebook.

If at any time you want to activate it again, you only have to go to the lower right corner and press Turn on chat.

How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing - Step 4

With the chat disabled you can go on Facebook without anyone noticing. If you want to communicate with someone directly and in private you need not use the chat at all; you can use direct messages.

Of course, if you post something while logged into Facebook all your contacts will see your update, so they will know that you are connected. To avoid this, especially if you want someone in particular not to track you, you can customize your publications.

To do this, type the publication that you want to share on your wall and then choose the icon below the photo that says Friends. Select More options and then Custom. Here you can choose specific friends to share a publication with, or exclude the person you don't want to know.

How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing - Step 5

If these alternatives are not enough for you to log on Facebook without anyone noticing, you restrict specific contacts from accessing your account. This is the perfect choice for those people who you have in your friends list by compromise but do not want to be aware of all your movements in the social network.

To do this go directly to that person's profile, click on the drop-down Friends menu and then select Add to another list. Select Restricted; from now on that person will only see posts you tag as public, but everything that you post only for your friends cannot be detected by that user.

This is the ideal way to get off the radar and avoid unwanted people who may follow your every move on Facebook. That was easy! Now you know how to log on Facebook without anyone noticing. You are now able to surf safely in this social network.

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How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing - Step 6

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How to Go On Facebook Without Anyone Noticing