My Instagram Stories Aren't Working

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. November 4, 2021
My Instagram Stories Aren't Working

Instagram is popular because it lets us use images and video to connect with people. It also lets us post this content in various ways. While some photos might seem worth keeping for posterity, others are throwaway. Instagram allows us to temporarily post photos and videos using Instagram stories. Unless you take them down manually beforehand, they will automatically delete after 24 hours. They can be a great way to share moments with friends, as well as post important topics which might not be best to keep permanently. If we try to post a story on Instagram, but it isn't showing up, it means something is preventing you making the most of these features.

At oneHOWTO, we look at why my Instagram stories aren't working. We not only understand the reasons Instagram stories aren't showing up, but explain what you can do to fix it.

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Why are my Instagram stories not showing?

Stories are one of the most used and viewed posts by Instagram users. Despite this, many people find it difficult to view stories by other users or even to see our own stories if we think we have published them. The posts may not have loaded correctly, look blurry or may simply not be visible at all. There is no one answer to why Instagram stories are not appearing as they should be. For this reason we look at a number of common reasons:

Bad internet connection

As with any other social network, Instagram requires a stable Internet connection to function optimally. If your Internet connection is lost, either on Wi-Fi or on your mobile device, it can cause loading problems. You may have already gone through the process of designing a story, but the Internet has dropped out before you post it. This means when you come to look at it again, it won't be there.

The same can happen when you are looking at Instagram stories from profiles you follow. If they do not appear when they should, it may simply be you don't have enough Internet.

For help in this scenario, take a look at our article on how to check Internet speed on my mobile.

Date and time do not match

Another reason why your Instagram stories are not showing up is less obvious. It is something which can happen when having problems with other social media platforms such as Facebook. Sometimes the date and time on your device may not be the same as that on Instagram. Faced with this scenario, the Instagram app cannot synchronize and it won't allow you to see the content published by those you follow.

Installation problem

When it comes to downloading and installing the Instagram app, it usually goes without a problem. However, as with any current app, it needs to be updated periodically to ensure proper usage. As Instagram is such a popular platform, it updates regularly and more frequently than many others.

Due to these updates, it is possible some installation problems can occur. Although you may have been able to see Instagram stories before, your device may not be compatible with an update and the result is you can no longer see them. If you have a new phone, the problem may also be a software issue. Usually updating it properly, deleting data or uninstalling and reinstalling the application may be sufficient.

You have been blocked

When you cannot see the Instagram stories of someone you are following, but the rest of them are fine, it is possible you have been blocked. This occurs when someone no longer wants you to see what they post. This could be for various reasons, not all of which are personal. It is also possible the person has deleted their account and are no longer on Instagram.

Whether or not you have been blocked, you might be having trouble with other users. If this is the case, you can check out our article on how to block someone on Instagram.

My Instagram Stories Aren't Working - Why are my Instagram stories not showing?

What to do when you can't see Instagram stories

If you have been able to identify any of these reasons why your Instagram stories aren't appearing, there are some effective solutions to solve your problem. To have stories show up again you may need to:

Restart the phone

Although almost a cliche, restarting your phone is an effective resolution to many software issues on your phone. It can be common for you to have Wi-Fi problems or location issues which are slowing down the phone. Sometimes this can be resolved by simply turning your data or roaming on and off again. Other times restarting the device itself can reset the system.

Reinstall Instagram

If the problem lies with the Instagram application, one of the most effective solutions is to uninstall the App and reinstall it. You will not lose any information since everything is saved in your account, but you will refresh the cache. This may able to eliminate any possible problem in its installation and allow you to see Instagram stories again.

Check to see if you have been blocked

If you can't see someone's stories, but they work for the other people you are following, then you may be blocked. Instagram regularly blocks user accounts, but they don't usually advertise the fact. For this reason, you may simply see the person's stories have gone. If you suspect that you may have been blocked, take a look at our article to know whether you have been blocked on Instagram to help you see Instagram stories again.

Report the problem

Whatever the underlying problem, if you have been unable to find the root issue, you can contact Instagram. The most effective and quickest measures are to contact Instagram directly and report the problem. It might take some time to go back and forth, but they do have people working who can help you. If you know of anyone who works for Instagram, it might be worth contact them to see if you can expedite resolving your issue.

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should be helpful.

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My Instagram Stories Aren't Working