Are Questions on Instagram Anonymous?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. April 4, 2022
Are Questions on Instagram Anonymous?

More than a decade after its creation, Instagram is one of the most important social networks in the world. While TikTok and other platforms are certainly growing, Instagram has evolved ways to keep users interacting. One method is the use of quizzes. Using this feature, users can allow followers to ask them a question which they will answer in their stories. These questions and answers are open to followers or friends, depending on your settings. As with any application, security should be a priority. For this reason, some may want to ask questions anonymously.

At oneHOWTO, we ask are questions on Instagram anonymous? We look at the questions feature in more detail to find out the answer.

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  1. How to ask questions on Instagram
  2. Are the questions I ask on Instagram anonymous?
  3. Can you ask anonymous questions on Instagram?

How to ask questions on Instagram

The interactivity of Instagram keep suers engaged. Through question and answer stickers, users can make communication on this social network more personal. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of followers and don't know them individually. If you are interested in learning how to ask questions on Instagram, you just have to follow this step by step guide:

  1. Open the latest version of Instagram and make sure you're signed in to the right account.
  2. Once in your profile, press the camera drawing that you see at the top left or slide your finger to the right to access the camera.
  3. You can do what you want with the background, since it will only serve to accompany the question. You can upload any image that you have saved in your reel, take a new photo or draw a background with the paint tool that you will find at the top right.
  4. Next, ‘swipe up’ by sliding your finger upwards across the screen. This opens the Instagram tool options menu. You can also select the drawing of a sticker that you will find at the top right, right next to the option to paint.
  5. Select the ‘Questions’ option to display the sticker you are looking for. Click on ‘Ask me a question’ and change the text to the question you want to ask.
  6. Once it is ready, you will only have to tap the ‘Your story’ button at the bottom left. If you don't want the whole world to see your question and only want a limited group, choose ‘Close Friends’.

In addition, within the additional options you can also:

  • Change the position of the question sticker: to do this, press on the question box and move it to where you want.
  • Add an additional sticker: such as location, mention, hashtag, music, time, gifs, etc.
  • Change the background: if you don't want to draw anything and you want your background to change color, press the draw option that we have explained to you earlier. At the bottom of the color palette, select the one you like the most, then press and hold the background of your story to dye it the chosen color.

Soon, you should see people leaving their answers to your questions. If you want some ideas on what sort of questions to ask, take a look at our article with ideas for Instagram poll questions.

Are Questions on Instagram Anonymous? - How to ask questions on Instagram

Are the questions I ask on Instagram anonymous?

It is important you are aware that Instagram questions are not anonymous. The person who poses the question for their followers will know at all times who responds to their sticker. However, once the answer is published, the other users will not see the name of the person who posted the question.

You may ask where can I see who has answered my questions? This is very easy to find. In the statistics tab of the question (swipe up to see) you will find the name of each user who has answered, as well as their answer.

As always happens with Instagram stories, the user who created the sticker will have 24 hours before their question disappears. When this happens, the unsaved answers will also disappear.

Are Questions on Instagram Anonymous? - Are the questions I ask on Instagram anonymous?

Can you ask anonymous questions on Instagram?

As we have already stated, anonymity in Instagram questions does not exist. It is impossible to post a question without the user seeing your profile. However, there are two ways around this.

The first is to use a third party app. One of the most popular is an app known as F3, but there are similar applications available.

To use F3 you will have to download this tool and create a user. In the application itself you will find many other users who will want to ask you questions (anonymously or not) or who will want to answer your questions. Also, it offers you a link to share on your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Through this link, your Instagram followers will be able to ask you questions and hide their identity if they wish. In turn, you will be able to share those questions and answers on your Instagram, as F3 offers many facilities to connect to your other platforms.

However, you cannot always vouch for the safety of these applications. If you want to download and use one, make sure you check app sites for reviews. If not, it is possible to install malware or an app which steals your data.

The other way to post anonymous questions is to make an alternative profile. You can use another email address and create a username and profile which has none of your information on it. The only problem with this is that you will not be able to post anonymous questions to users who have their settings on private. So, if you wanted to do it to a friend, they will have to add you first, something they might not do if you are anonymous.

If you want to learn more about how to use Instagram features, take a look at our related articles on why Instagram stories aren't working and why Instagram filters are not showing.

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Are Questions on Instagram Anonymous?