How to Get a Celebrity to Reply to You on Instagram

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 17, 2024
How to Get a Celebrity to Reply to You on Instagram

Social media has reduced the size of the gap between celebrities and their fans. Although many will still keep their cards close to the chest, it has never been easier to find out what is going on in a celebrity's private life. We can follow the activity of certain famous people by what they share on Instagram and other social media platforms. We can sometimes even message or comment and get replies from them.

Although Instagram allows us to private message other users, whether or not they are considered celebrities, we shouldn't think a reply is a guarantee. While some celebrities will never reply, perhaps because they don't actually manage the account themselves, oneHOWTO shows you everything you can possible do for how to get a celebrity to reply to you on Instagram.

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  1. Provide a good reason to respond
  2. Express yourself with affection
  3. Take into account their schedule
  4. Be original
  5. Review and tag photos
  6. Get the celebrity to follow you
  7. How to become famous on Instagram

Provide a good reason to respond

Especially for celebrities with many followers, it can be tricky for them to get a reply. They have a lot of people who want to contact them for various reasons. Maybe they want to make a professional connection, maybe they want to notify them of something which might interest them or maybe someone simply wants to tell them how much they like their work.

Whatever the reason for sending a DM to a celebrity, it should be worth reading. When commenting on a image, the same should apply. If you notice your message is the same as all the other messages, then you aren't going to stand out. Ensue you write something which is valuable or of interest to them.

If you want to know how to talk to celebrities, it is very important that you express opinions with respect and be polite. Don't be overly critical or negative because celebrities are used to putting up with unpleasant comments. Offensive comments are not only unwelcome, but they could get you blocked or worse. Also, think about whether sharing your opinion is actually going to be of value to them.

Express yourself with affection

Another key on how to meet a famous person is to express yourself using good speech and impart everything the person means to you. Celebrities, almost by definition, have large egos. Even those which claim they don't will have got into their business to be noticed by other people.

This means celebrities appreciate messages of praise for their work and love to feel adulation. How much they love this will depend on the individual and some may avoid replying to messages as a form of self-care. For a chance at getting a reply from a celebrity on Instagram, be positive and natural.

Take into account their schedule

To get a reply from a celebrity on Instagram, you have to be savvy. If you see a celebrity hasn't posted anything in a long time, it is likely they are too busy for social media. At the very least, they may want to appear as if they are. However, if you see a celebrity replying to comments, it is more likely they will reply to your comment or direct message. By looking closely at a celebrity's activity on Instagram, you can work out a better time to message them and receive a reply.

To do this, you will also need to work out where the given celebrity lives. Work out their timezone and contact them when they are more likely to be free. If you want to contact an American celebrity, for example, it's probably best not to message first thing in the morning.

Be original

To contact celebrities, originality is an essential factor. Celebrities have millions of followers and thousands of comments on their posts, so getting their attention and receiving a response to your comment is a difficult task.

You must create creative comments to differentiate yourself from the rest of your followers and try to attract the attention of the celebrity. Getting them to dedicate part of their time to respond to you will be more likely if you provide something original. This can include sending a photo or some other media which is of interest to them.

Review and tag photos

Following the activity of a famous person on Instagram is a fundamental step to get them to respond to any of your comments. You can also review their photos and tag them with something original. In this way, you will attract the gaze of the celebrity and their followers.

Get the celebrity to follow you

Getting a celebrity to follow you on Instagram is the easiest way to get them to reply to your messages. Once they follow you, they will be more likely to accept a message request and reply to your message. Using wit, humor and persistence, you are more likely to be followed back by a celebrity. Use the following to get a celebrity to follow you back on Instagram:

  • Respect and courtesy.
  • Ask something you want them to answer.
  • Do not ask insistently for them to follow you to avoid a feeling of rejection.
  • Tag the famous person in your posts.
  • Try to get them to answer you during appropriate hours of the day.
  • Do not send spam.
  • Make your account interesting.
  • Use attractive or interesting photos.
  • Write funny comments or share amusing stories.

How to become famous on Instagram

At oneHOWTO we also help you discover how to become famous on Instagram. One of the best tips is to interact with celebrities and influencers to attract more activity to your profile. This is because the high volume of their followers will start to see your profile more. The more people who follow you, the more you are likely to be followed (up to a point).

This is what you should know if you want to become famous on Instagram:

  • Update the profile and plan quality content.
  • Discover your passion and use popular hashtags.
  • Spread your account on viral websites.
  • Contact micro-brands and try to grow your influence.
  • Be yourself and provide a unique style.
  • Locate peak times of publication and local information.

With all these recommendations that we offer you throughout the article, you will know how to make a famous person reply to you on Instagram.

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