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How Do You Enable Spell Check on Facebook

How Do You Enable Spell Check on Facebook

Did you know you can enable spell check on Facebook? Spellcheckers are one the best inventions that have come out of technology, because although they sometimes tend to modify what we write - and make their own interpretations - we cannot deny that often spellcheckers have saved us from foul spelling and prevented us from mistreating our Oxford´s English.

Facebook chat is a means of communication that is increasingly common, and if you did not know it already, this tool has its own spelling checker for the wall and the chats, so you do not "murder" the Queen´s glorious English. If you do not know how to enable spell check on Facebook and you want to take advantage of this tool to your own benefit, in this wonderful OneHowTo article we tell you how do you enable spell check on Facebook.

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Steps to follow:

Enabling the Facebook spell check is very easy. The first step is to verify that you have activated Facebook chat. Just open any random one - because you only need to enable the spell check, and not necessarily chat with that particular person.


After opening the chat window, the next step is to enable Facebook spell check is to place your muse on the chat writing space. Once you're there, press the right mouse button, if you do not have it use the Ctrl-click keys. Once you do, you will see a pop-up menu appears.


When the pop-up menu appears, you will see that one of the options says: Spelling and Grammar. You must position the mouse on that option and click to enable Facebook spell check.


When you place your mouse on "Spelling and Grammar", you'll see another menu of options appears. You must click on the option: "Check spelling as you type". Through this step, you've enabled the Facebook spell check.


Facebook spell check also offers more comprehensive features that can be useful to the understanding and correct spelling of your chats. If you return to the "Spelling and Grammar" menu, you will see that you can also tick on "Check grammar with spelling" and "Automatically correct spelling". You can enable the three options of the Facebook spell check at the same time or use the option you need.

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Debbie Oldfather
I'm not seeing on my chat where it says automatically correct spelling

How Do You Enable Spell Check on Facebook
How Do You Enable Spell Check on Facebook