What to Do if my Tablet Freezes  

What to Do if my Tablet Freezes  

If your tablet freezes you have more than one alternative to fix it, depending on the model of tablet you have and also the magnitude of the crash. In any case, to prevent this from happening, you should clean your device of applications that you have downloaded but ultimately do not use and close Apps when they are not in use; this will prevent your tablet from wasting memory. At oneHOWTO we want to show you what should be done if you're asking yourself: what to do if my tablet freezes.

Steps to follow:

The simplest answer to what to do if my tablet freezes is to press and hold the "off" key, until you get the device to turn off so that you can turn it back on again and use it normally.


In the event that this option doesn't solve the situation of your frozen tablet you must use the "reset" button. Not all tablets have it, but if you have it, it's a very small hole marked with the word RESET. Its size will prevent you from operating it with your finger, so use an accessory that has a small tip, such as a clip. Push it in until you feel the bottom and then press and remove the clip quickly. Your tablet will restart.

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On some models, what you can do if your tablet freezes is press the off button and "+" volume button at the same time. Then, a system message will appear on the screen asking for confirmation to turn off the tablet. You must accept.

Charge your battery completely and, once the power is full, you can restart your device.

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If your tablet is an iPad and freezes you can use the option of pressing the round start button at the bottom of the screen, along with the off key. It is important that you press the two keys at the same time, otherwise it will not work.

If only an iPad program has frozen, only press the start button, then press the same button again 2 times, locate the program by browsing horizontally and when you're in it, drag it up to close.


If your tablet has frozen and the screen has gone completely black, there is another solution, though you should be very careful not to break the tablet when trying it.


In the event that none of the proposed solutions work for your frozen tablet you must be patient and wait until the battery runs out and for it to turn off automatically. It is recommended that you do not fill your tablet with lots of applications, especially if the device does not have a lot of memory; this way you will reduce the crashes that your tablet has.

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  • It is also recommended to connect your tablet to a computer and store all of your information before resetting your device, as you may lose some or all of the information stored depending on why you tablet has frozen. If you have an SD card, remove it before resetting your tablet in case the restart does delete your files.