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How to Chat Privately on Instagram

How to Chat Privately on Instagram

The Instagram app, recently acquired by Facebook, is known worldwide as the perfect social network for sharing photographs instantly with contacts, in addition to being able to add attractive vintage effects. However, one thing that it doesn't let you do and that many users miss is private chat with other people on their contact list. If you would like to send personal messages through this social network, in this article we show you how to chat privately on Instagram, step-by-step. Read on!

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Steps to follow:

To Chat privately on Instagram is fairly simple, you'll just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open your Instagram app and click on the logo that looks like an archive on the top right of the screen.
  2. The next step is to press on the "+" button on the top right to start a new chat. The app will ask you whether you want to send a message or a photo or video.
  3. Once you have clicked on "Send message", select the person who you want to send the direct message to and start typing. It's this simple!
  4. With the appearance of the new live stream feature, you can also send private chat videos that will disappear as soon as the person you messaged watched it. How cool is that?

Is an anonymous person chatting with you on Instagram? If you like you can learn how to block people on Instagram too.


Alternatives to Instamessage. Another way to do so is using an external App, which will give you even more options. Go to the the App Store or Google Play to download the app that will allow you to do so. In this tutorial we'll show you how to talk privately on Instagram using InstaTalk, a completely free app. However, you can also choose InstaMessage.

If you have the latest version of the app, the version 5, you can now send images and videos to only one user without posting it on your Instagram for all your followers to see.


When the download finishes run the application. When you open the application you'll see that you need to enter the details you use to join Instagram so you can proceed.


After logging in, click on the people icon to get a list of all your original friends and followers from the app.


To chat privately on Instagram with any of them, you just have to click on their name and a new chat window will open. Through this you can send photos and use Instatalk as if it were WhatsApp.

Note that if you want to chat with someone it is necessary that this person also has Instatalk downloaded on their phones. If not it will be impossible to speak with them.


Another interesting feature of the app is that, by pressing the 'Maps' button, you can perform an exhaustive search of all the people with Instagram and Instatalk who are nearby, allowing you to have conversations with them too.


Plus, did you know you can manage two Instagram accounts with the latest version? Take a look at our article to find out how!

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aderinoye tomiwa
why is it that on my laptop i cant privately talk to my friends nor comments on pictures all i could do is like. please reach my gmail anytime you can because i need to talk to my friends and i just lost my phone and it is my only means to communicate with people is on my laptop
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Hi Aderinoye,

Sorry, but unfortunately Instagram has been designed so that you can only use certain features on the mobile app. You can't upload photos or send messages. The only way you can communicate without a mobile emulator would be to comment on certain posts of your friends, but this information is public.
If you block someone will it erase the conversation you had with them in private messages?
how come on my wiiu it won't let me text people
parth shah
how can we chat on laptop privetly ????
i have the same question
Jitendra shirsat
how to chat privately on instagram for windows phone
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
On windows phone, once you have opened Instagram you will also find the archive button at one of the sides of the top screen on your phone. Let us know if you can't find it.
Hope this helps
why doesn't my insta have the archive thing
Ariana simmons
How are you guys out there are you guys to being good or not
love you instergrame spice im a kid lov4e you
joyce laboy
Thank you
not you
can you at least let us know how to do direct on the computer:[
Alice T Breeze (OneHowto editor)
There is currently no computer app to chat privately on Instagram, though you can download use the app on the computer as if you were on your computer using blusestacks.
Hope this helps

How to Chat Privately on Instagram
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How to Chat Privately on Instagram