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How to Clean a Computer Screen Without Leaving Streaks

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 14, 2022
How to Clean a Computer Screen Without Leaving Streaks

Many of us keep deferring cleaning our computer screens. We leave the to become encrusted with dust and other detritus from our lives, looking through a film of dirt when we could be seeing the screen much more clearly. If we do this, it means we are less likely to keep the screen or monitor in good condition. It also makes cleaning the screen more difficult. We may try to rely on abrasive cleaning products which either leave streaks or even damage the clarity of the screen.

At oneHOWTO, we explain how to clean a computer screen without leaving streaks. We show you what materials you need and the step-by-step method to clean the screen properly.

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  1. What you need to clean a computer screen without leaving streaks
  2. How to clean your computer screen step by step
  3. How to keep your computer screen clean longer

What you need to clean a computer screen without leaving streaks

To clean the computer monitor correctly without the risk of streaking, damaging or scratching it, you need to use a microfiber cloth. This is a cloth with a waffle weave fabric, that is, similar to some towels with squares. It is a fabric that safely cleans plastic and glass screens without the need for pressure.

When removing stains, marks or other difficult spots from your screen, not all microfiber cloths are recommended. You will need to opt for a softer long-pile fabric made of polyethylene and polyamide, with a higher proportion of the former. These types of microfibers are softer and will prevent you from scratching the screen.

Products like Whoosh, Clarify or Sanitech are not very expensive and can be safely used to clean various computer components like a monitor, mouse sensors and other sensitive materials. In addition, you can take advantage of them to clean partitions, glass and lacquered furniture in the home, as well as the interior of the car.

Choosing a good product and a suitable material to clean your PC or laptop monitor is essential. Otherwise, you can cause small scratches that will generate a series of visible marks over time.

Products to avoid when cleaning a computer screen

Isopropyl alcohol is repeatedly mentioned as a product to clean computer screens. On the contrary, it can actually be very bad for your computer screen. The reason is because isopropyl alcohol does not lubricate or remove dirt dust from the screen. The microfiber cloth is the reason why the screen is being cleaned and using alcohol on the screen can damage some plastics with repeated use.

How to clean your computer screen step by step

To properly clean your computer screen without leaving streaks, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off and disconnect the monitor from the electrical current to avoid any type of accident.
  2. Get in a good position to see the screen against the light and better observe the stains present on the surface.
  3. Spray the product on the microfiber cloth and not on the monitor unless you need to remove very resistant dirt and the product must act for 15 seconds.
  4. Start cleaning the screen from its base. Then clean the back and the screen frames, leaving the screen itself for last.
  5. With the damp microfiber cloth, clean the entire base, as well as the back and the frames.
  6. When the exterior is completely clean, you change the face of the microfiber cloth (it has up to 8 usable faces if you fold it twice) and repeat the process on the screen.
  7. Do not squeeze or rub on the screen. Place the cloth on the surface and pass over following the same direction (from top to bottom or from left to right, for example). Doing so loosely will prevent damage to the monitor.
  8. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the screen is clean when you look at it against the light.
  9. If during the process a little dirt sticks to the frame of the screen, change the side of the cloth again and pass it through the area where the dirt has been deposited. You can help yourself with a finger to reach the most inaccessible areas and, if you need it, use the corner of the cloth to get it.

The reason we don't leave streaks is because we are not using any liquid. If you do have something stuck to the screen, you can add a little water to part of the cloth and rub this area gently. Repeat it enough times until it is removed. Dry the area with the dry part of the microfiber cloth and finish off with a paper towel if any moisture is left over. The papar towel will avoid streaks, but you may need to use the dry microfiber cloth to pick up any dust.

How to Clean a Computer Screen Without Leaving Streaks - How to clean your computer screen step by step

How to keep your computer screen clean longer

To keep your computer screen clean for as long as possible, OneHOWTO provides the following tips:

  • Avoid touching the surface of the monitor with your fingers.
  • Try to put the computer monitor in environments away from moisture. Avoid being near the bathroom, kitchen or windows.
  • Cover the screen with a sheet or something similar if you won't be using it for a while to prevent dust from settling on the surface.
  • Avoid direct incidence of sunlight on the screen because it can damage it. In addition, it is a detrimental factor for your visual health.

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How to Clean a Computer Screen Without Leaving Streaks