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How to Rotate the Screen on a Windows XP Laptop

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 28, 2021
How to Rotate the Screen on a Windows XP Laptop

Many people find themselves in the situation of having to rotate the screen in a Windows XP laptop. Perhaps you have pressed a key by mistake and you have an upside down screen on Windows XP. If you have found yourself in this situation and do not know how to fix it, do not be alarmed. With a few simple steps you can rotate the screen of your Windows XP laptop again and get it back to its normal position. To learn what you have to do, just pay attention to the steps in the following oneHOWTO article on how to rotate the screen in a Windows XP laptop.

You'll need:

  • Windows XP

Rotate Windows screen with arrow keys

Rotating a screen on Windows XP couldn't be easier. The first thing you have to try to rotate the screen of your Windows XP is press the keys: Ctrl + Alt + arrow (Left, right, up or down), so you can see the screen as you rotate it.

Using this technique, you don't use the arrow keys to rotate through the screens. Instead, pressing each key will rotate the screen to where you need it:

  • Ctrl + Alt + up arrow (↑): normal screen
  • Ctrl + Alt + down arrow (↑): rotated 180º
  • Ctrl + Alt + rightarrow (↑): rotated 90º
  • Ctrl + Alt + left arrow (↑): rotated 270º

Rotate Windows screen with Control Panel

Click ‘Start’, then click on the ‘Control Panel’ option and once the popup window opens, go to ‘Display’, click on ‘Macro’ and then on ‘Advanced’ to open. Where it says ‘Orientation’ you will find different options and you just have to select the one you want. Thus, you can configure the appearance of your screen as you like or according to your needs. As you see, the process of rotating the screen of a Windows XP laptop is very simple and will not take more than a few seconds, whatever way of rotating your screen you choose, it is quick.

Rotate Windows screen with properties

None of these have worked? Another option is to go on an empty screen, i.e your desktop; and right click on the screen. From all the options, click on the ‘Properties’ button and then go to ‘Settings tab’. From here, you'll only need to choose your monitor, select ‘Rotation settings’ and choose the correct position. Now you will have rotated the screen of your Windows XP laptop.

Does this work for all Windows operating systems?

These techniques and tips to rotate your screen on Windows XP is the standard technique to use on all Windows operating systems. Whether you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows server or later, if you are using a personal computer or laptop, it should work fine. You will need to use the keyboard or mouse. This will not work, however, for Windows phones or other mobile operating systems.

If you are using an older operating system, you may want to know if you should update to a new OS. Find out more with our article on should I update from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

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  • You must be patient while the screen is rotating.
  • It may take several seconds or minutes to rotate the screen.
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How to Rotate the Screen on a Windows XP Laptop