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What is Telegram Supergroup?

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: November 13, 2018
What is Telegram Supergroup?

Telegram groups allow you to share texts, images, videos, audios and other multimedia messages with several people at one time. You can make a group of friends on Telegram and enjoy the numerous features it has to offer. Undoubtedly, chatting on a Telegram group is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have on your mobile device. However, this group does have one limitation, it cannot accommodate more than 200 people.

In this case, if you want to make a community group on telegram, it used to be somewhat impossible. However, Telegram has solved this problem by allowing you to convert a normal group into a Telegram Supergroup. This kind of group can carry as many as 100,000 members; and you can make as many super groups as you want. Here at oneHOWTO we wanted to uncover more, discussing what is Telegram Supergroup. In addition, we will be discussing its best features and how to use them. Keep reading for more!

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  1. What is a Telegram Supergroup?
  2. What is Telegram Supergroup - Features
  3. How to Convert a Telegram Group into a Supergroup

What is a Telegram Supergroup?

If you wish to create a Telegram community in which members can; share files, talk with each other and post their comments, then creating a Telegram Supergroup is an ideal choice for you! While a simple Telegram group has a number of limitations, a Supergroup has several additional features.

To create a Telegram group, you have to;

  1. Launch the Telegram app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the icon with which you start a new chat.
  3. Select ‘New Group’ option and name it.
  4. Add members from your contacts and hit ‘Create’.

Once this group has reached a maximum of 200 members, you can convert it into a Supergroup. A Telegram Supergroup allows as many as 100,000 members and is optimized to load faster, even if you have a large number of unread messages. A Supergroup is lighter on servers and therefore loads more easily. Not only this! But Telegram Supergroups hold a host of advanced admin tools for you to work with.

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What is Telegram Supergroup? - What is a Telegram Supergroup?

What is Telegram Supergroup - Features

A normal telegram group allows you to do simple things, but a Telegram Supergroup gives you better control over everything. This control covers; the group’s members, content and more. Here are a few additional features that you can enjoy in with Telegram Supergroup:

  • Mentions (tag) and replies: You can send replies to a particular message by swiping left. When you swipe left, you will see a message box option to send text or stickers. The member is notified of your reply; even if he/she has muted group chats. You may also mention a member in the chat by typing @ before his/her name.
  • Pinned messages: Just like a Telegram Channel, a group admin can pin messages to the top of the page so that all group members are notified of the message; even if they have muted their group chats. This is a very useful feature for sharing important message with all the group members. This facility is available only in Telegram Supergroups, and not in normal Telegeram groups.

If you are wondering how to pin a Telegram Supergroup message; take a look at our step-by-step;

  1. Open Telegram app on your cell phone.
  2. Select the group for which you want to pin your message.
  3. Select the message that you wish to pin.
  4. You will see three options: to pin, to clear history and to delete. Select the option ‘Pin to top’.
  5. After this, a confirmation message will appear and your pinned message will appear on the top of the group chat.
  • Link invites: With this feature, you can easily send invitation links to your friends. By following that link, your friends can immediately join your Telegram Supergroup and become a member.
  • Private and public groups: Telegram groups can be private and/or public. A public group is the one which anyone can search for and join. A private group is the one that can be joined only by following a link to that group.
  • Bots: Unlike a Telegram channel, you have the option to add bots to the group in order to make them automatic. There is a huge variety of bots designed for; payments, games, polls etc. By adding bots to the dialogues in the group, you can make your chats more alive. Just type the bots name and let it load.
  • Group admin privilege: A large group like a Telegram Supergroup needs more than one group admin for efficient management. The group’s creator can add several different admins to the Supergroup; assigning them different privileges. Such privileges include; managing messages, adding users, editing group info, blocking members and adding new admins. When a new member joins a Telegram Supergroup, he/she can view the entire history of the telegram group chat.
  • Notifications: Notifications are disabled for Telegram Supergroups by default. However, you may enable them whenever you want, by simply accessing the group’s settings.
What is Telegram Supergroup? - What is Telegram Supergroup - Features

How to Convert a Telegram Group into a Supergroup

Many of the above mentioned features are supported by Telegram Supergroups only. This means that in order to avail them, you will have to convert your ordinary group into a Supergroup. In addition to; pinning messages, viewing entire history of the chats and deleting messages for particular members, you will be able to add as many as 100,000 members in a Supergroup.

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to convert a simple Telegram group into a Telegram Supergroup:

  1. Open the Telegram app on your cell phone.
  2. Browse through your chats list and find the group that you want to convert into a Supergroup. Of course, you cannot directly create a Supergroup. You have to create an ordinary group first, and then convert it into a Supergroup.
  3. Clicking on that group will open it in full screen mode.
  4. Click on the group name on top of the conversation. After this, the info page of that group will open up.
  5. On this group info page, you will see an icon with three vertical dots on the upper right corner.
  6. Click on that icon, after which a drop-down menu will appear. Here you will see an option that says ‘Convert to Supergroup’.
  7. Now, you will see a message will pop-up on your screen. On this page, you will see a list of features that you would enjoy by converting this group into a Supergroup. Read this page and tap on the option to ‘Convert to Supergroup’.
  8. Next, you will see a warning message that says that converting a group into a Supergroup cannot be reversed. If you are sure you want to convert, clickOK.
  9. Once you tap OK, you will confirm that you want to convert your group into a Telegram Supergroup.
  10. Now your group will become a Telegram Supergroup, after which you will be able to add as many as 100,000 members in the group, and enjoy all the features that a Supergroup has to offer.

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What is Telegram Supergroup?