How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

By Sara . Updated: October 25, 2017
How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

Instant messaging has become second nature to us all. Everyone uses instant message apps to communicate. Telegram is one of these popular apps that allow us to communicate with friends and family in a very easy way. However, sometimes you might find people you don't want to talk to and you choose to block them. But you can also find yourself in the opposite situation. There might be someone that has blocked you for some reason and you might not know. If you suspect someone has blocked you on Telegram don't miss out this oneHOWTO article and find out how to know if someone blocked you on Telegram.

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Before knowing about the block option in Telegram let’s have a look at some of the features in this app which makes it unique from others.

  • Telegram is open source and totally ad free.
  • It is cloud based and it has automatic syncing which means you can manage it even from your desktop browser.
  • Its messages are heavily encrypted, which makes it very safe. The creators of the app have even offered a reward of $200,000 to the person who can crack their encryption.
  • Telegram offers the option of creating a group with up to 200 contacts.
  • It provides the option of blocking message forwarding i.e. you can block someone from forwarding your messages
  • Telegram’s secret chat uses end-to-end encryption and it doesn’t leave any trace on the servers. That means once you delete the secret chats you can never retrieve them. It even notifies if someone takes a screenshot and gives you the option to set any secret chat to self-destruct.
How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram - Telegram

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the giant in instant messaging. However, Telegram is the ultimate Whatsapp alternative.With this said, Whatsapp has 1 billion active monthly users while Telegram has just 100 million. 350,000 new users sign up to telegram each day.

Let's compare the different advantages of Telegram and Whatsapp.

Advantages of Telegram:

  • Telegram offers an invite to group chat feature, while Whatsapp automatically adds you to a group.
  • Its secret chat feature lets you have a conversation with end-to-end encryption.
  • Its username feature allows you to talk to several people, without giving your phone number away.
  • Multi-device access.
  • You can have conversations with up to 5000 people on chats and an unlimited number of people on Telegram channels.
  • Stickers!
  • Lock chats and ability to hide last seen for particular contact

Advantages of Whatsapp:

  • You can call your contacts via your mobile data or wifi connection.
  • You can edit your status. This comes in handy if you want to tell a group of people something.
  • The ability to format texts. A lot of people don't know about this. You can now format texts in Bold (*text*), Italics (_text_), Bold & Italic (*_text_*) and strike through (~text~).
  • Backup your chats. Whatsapp has always provided this but now you can backup chats to your Google Drive.

We at oneHOWTO are big fans of both apps. But, for you Telegram users, lets finally get onto discovering how to know if someone has blocked you.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram - Telegram vs Whatsapp

How to know whether you are blocked or not?

In every messenger app people are at the risk of being abused by someone or someone who you don’t like may contact you. Due to this, Telegram has presented a block option. But as well as you blocking others, someone may block you and then how will you know that you are blocked? You will find the answer if following things happen:

  • Last connection: last seen is a long time ago.
  • You are sending messages and that person does not read your messages.
  • You cannot see that person’s profile picture.

All these conditions are met when you are blocked. If the person doesn't answer you but you can still see that person's profile picture, then simply that person doesn't want to speak to you for whatever reason.

If you feel that you are still not sure that the person had blocked you or not then simply give that number to someone else. Then ask that person whether he/she can see the profile picture or last connection. If the person’s answer is in affirmative then you have definitely been blocked.

Now you have discovered how to know if you are blocked, you might also want to know how to delete a Telegram contact, how to delete a Telegram account or how to create stickers on Telegram.

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is there any way for me to send a message to someone that has blocked me??
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Snm,

If someone has blocked you, I'm afraid they won't receive any messages you send to them until they unblock you again.
In the new version of the app (out late December 2017) some of those clues are no longer true. It would say "last seen a long time ago" only if the person's "last seen" was configured to show "recently" otherwise. For a user with exact timestamp, it just won't be shown to you, so instead, you will see their "last seen" as it were the moment they blocked you (as if they haven't gone online since). Also, their picture does not disappear, but you won't be able to see any new ones. Messages still have only one check, and if the user doesn't have any "@" username, you won't be able to look them up in search.
Is it true? basically there's no way for me to understand if someone's been ignoring me or has blocked me.
Ryan Wislon
so my bf updated his name to add a headset at the end of his name, but it says "last seen recently", did he block me?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Ryan,

It sounds unlikely, but he could just be taking his time or blocked you by accident. Try sending an SMS to confirm.
I would like to know how can I tell if someone deleted me from Telegram?
Where can i check my blocked users? (I'm on a Laptop)
OneHowTo Editor
Hi there!

Go to Settings--> Privacy & Security --> Blocked users

Hope this helps!
How do I know if somebody is recieving my calls or not?
That is not completely true. I have blocked one of my friends (just for checking) and she could still see my profile picture. I guess if i changed my picture, then she would still see the old one because she is blocked.
OneHowTo Editor
There may still be some cache memory on your phone, this is why your friend may still see the picture immediately after blocking
What if the person I block on telegram is in a group chat with me, can they still see my online status, my profile pic and messages sent to the group?
OneHowTo Editor
The person will be able to read your messages on the group, but won't be able to see your status or picture.
You can create an alternative group without that person and stop using the old group as a solution.
Hope this helps
If I block a person on Telegram, will I be able to see their old messages they sent me once I unblock them?
Matthew Nesbitt (oneHOWTO editor)
Hi Dee,

The the short answer is no. You will be able to see all the old messages you received before you blocked them, but you will not receive any messages from a person after you have blocked them. This means that when you unblock someone you will not see any messages they have tried to send you while they were blocked as they were never received and will not be received retroactively.

Hope this is helpful.
How can I get statement from my telegram (I mean receiving contacts and numbers)?

If you don’t understand what I mean reoly me as soon as possible.
If i block a person without him/her reading my last message, can he/she still read it?
OneHowTo Editor
Yes, they can still read it as long as it has been delivered.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram
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How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

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