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How to Make Instagram Chronological Again

How to Make Instagram Chronological Again

Instagram has changed its earlier order of showing photos and we all have got a reason to complain. The latest photos were shown in chronological order. Due to this other people can view our images (whether good or bad) and comment or like on them. But the new algorithm of Instagram will only show those photos which they think would be liked by the user. Due to this many people are trying to make their Instagram chronological again. If you too are wondering how to make Instagram chronological again then keep reading this oneHOWTO article, although we should highlight from the beginning that there is currently no way to turn Instagram algorithm off up to date. We will give you the answer once Instagram takes notice of user's dislike of algorithms.

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New Instagram is based on algorithm feeds

Just about a year ago Instagram changed its news feed and instead of the chronological order, it introduced a new algorithm. According to this new algorithm the news feed won’t be shown in a chronological order. Instead the new smart software will at first analyze your existing timeline. Then it will figure out the news that is your topmost priority, which is why it may be full of Instagram fitness models. According to that the news feed will be shown, i.e. high priority news feed on top and the low priority ones would be placed below them even though chronologically they may just be opposite.

Pros and Cons of the Algorithmic feed

Instagram actually have good intentions behind this change. We don’t check our news feed all the time. So, in this process we might miss on some important news we may be interested in, especially if you don't use hashtags to browse around. Instagram estimates that about 70% of the total news feed are never seen by the user. So, they reorder the feeds and put those on top which you might like to see. Hence, you don’t have to scroll a long way back to find the interesting facts.

The not so good part is that you have to interact more with the social media app so that the algorithm feed can get better. Also, due to the new algorithm even if you schedule a post to appear at certain time of the day, there is no guarantee that it will get the desired audience or get more followers.

How to make Instagram chronological again?

Till now Instagram hasn’t offered any way to disable the algorithmic feed and make it chronological again. But you can let Instagram know that you are not happy with their setting. Instagram has promised that they will implement the customer feedback. So, maybe you and people like you who are not happy with the news feed can complain to Instagram making them change Instagram back to its chronological order.

However, you can use third-party Instagram web client and mobile view apps to view the Instagram feed.

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While some of the information was interesting, this was really not helpful. The click bait headline is the only reason people are reading this article.
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Hi Meg

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As soon as new information comes out on how to make Instagram chronological we will keep everyone updated.


Please make IG comments chronological's a turn off and you will lose followers. Mself included.
I want Instagram chronological again
I want Instagram chronological again!
Gracie Lou Freebush
Click bait title. I thought you were going to show how to get it back to chronicle order, instead you just wasted my time.
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Hi Gracie,
As it states right at the beginning of the article, there is currently no way of doing so, we will keep you informed the minute it is actually possible.
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Misleading title, this article doesn't show you "how" to make instagram chronological again.
Matt Wilson
trash, clickbait article
please return to chronological order. Anyone with a "business head" does not have time to waste trying to fiddle around with this current method. Looks like it was made by kids for kids. Shame on you. Wait until have to run a real business

It's a shame that you can't change it, hope they do something about this soon! Thanks for the information anyway!

How to Make Instagram Chronological Again
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How to Make Instagram Chronological Again