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How to Play PS 1 Games on PC with Emulator

How to Play PS 1 Games on PC with Emulator

PS 1 games are meant to be played on PS console only. But serious gamers may want to play these games on their computer system. For this, they would need to setup a PS emulator which mimics the functions of a PS console which allows one to play a game on a PC. Basically, an emulator is a software program that you need to install on your PC to configure ePSXe emulator. Once you setup your PS emulator, you can use your computer to play PS 1 games the same way as you would play on a PS console.

You may also enhance your computer equipment so that you can customize it as per your personal preferences and requirements. here at OneHOWTO we will tell you how to play PS1 games on PC with emulator.

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  1. Why Play Games on PC Rather than on PS Console
  2. Checking your Computer’s Compatibility
  3. Downloading and Installing an Emulator for your PC
  4. How to retrieve the PSX Bios files
  5. Installing the Required Plug-ins
  6. Configuring EPSXe Emulator
  7. Playing the Game on your PC emulator

Why Play Games on PC Rather than on PS Console

There are many benefits of playing a Playstation 1 game on PC rather than on Play Station console. First of all, you are probably more comfortable on your computer and may not be used to playing on a game on a console. You are already used to your keyboard and mouse and getting used to the buttons of a console may take some time. You don’t need Internet connection to play a downloaded game on your PC. You don’t need Internet to play a game from a CD either. Playing a game on computer proves to be more cost-effective, as opposed to buying an expensive console. Playing games on a PC can also save space, as you wouldn't need to dedicate a particular area to setup the PS console. All you need to do is download an emulator software on your computer and tweak some settings as per your personal requirements and/or preferences.

Checking your Computer’s Compatibility

First of all, you must check your computer’s hardware requirements. To run a PlayStation emulator, your computer will need to meet these following hardware requirements:

  • Processor speed of at least 1 GHz.
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) of at least 512 MB.
  • In order to display graphics of the game properly, your computer will need a 3D graphics card that should support CGI (Computer Graphics Interface).
  • A big-screen HD monitor to enhance your gaming experience. Although a small screen will also do the job fine. HD graphics for PS 1 games on a big screen is recommended. This however depends on your personal preferences and budget.
  • a CD ROM to run game CDs on your PC.
  • PSP controller or USB which you can plug into your PC and use like a PS controller instead of a computer mouse.
How to Play PS 1 Games on PC with Emulator - Checking your Computer’s Compatibility

Downloading and Installing an Emulator for your PC

Visit the official ePSXe website to download the ePSXe emulator. Save it onto your computer’s hardrive. The file will download in a compressed ZIP format, you will have to unzip it after the download. Follow these instructions to unzip the file:

  • Download WinRAR from the RARLab website for free.
  • Open the downloaded file and install WinRAR on your PC.
  • Select the compressed emulator file, right click on it and select the option that allows you to extract the file. After the extraction process is finished, you will be able to see all the extracted folders and files, including the plugins and bios folder. You will also see an executable ePSXe.exe file.
How to Play PS 1 Games on PC with Emulator - Downloading and Installing an Emulator for your PC

How to retrieve the PSX Bios files

You will need PSX bios files in order to activate the emulator’s emulation features. These files are typically used by PS consoles to play games. You need to get them on your computer system in order to emulate PSX. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the EmuAsylum website and go to the PlayStation emulator page.
  • Use PS bios files to download the bios files in zipped format.
  • Select the zip file you downloaded, right click on it and click on ‘Extract files’.
  • The WinRAR app that will unzip the files will open up. Browse through the list of files and select ‘Bios’ folder. This folder automatically creates during the extraction of files and folders from the zipped ePSXe emulation file.
  • Press OK button to start the extraction process.
  • Install the bios files in the folder of the PS emulator.

Installing the Required Plug-ins

Plug-ins are required so that the game graphics are displayed smoothly, the CD drive is read and the sounds play correctly through your PC. You will have to install these plug-ins for you emulator to work correctly.Follow these steps:

  • Visit the EmuAsylum website and open the PlayStation emulator page once again.
  • Click on the PSX CD Plugin Pack.
  • Download its zip file.
  • Click on the PSX Graphics Plugin pack.
  • Download its zip file.
  • Click on the PSX Sound Plugin pack.
  • Download its zip file.
  • Right click on the pack of each plug-ins, and select ‘Extract files’.

Configuring EPSXe Emulator

Follow these steps toconfigure the emulator on your PC:

  • Run the emulator by double clicking on the executable ePSXe.exe file.
  • Press ‘Skip Config’ button. You may also press the ‘Config’ button to customize the configuration settings of your emulator and maximize its performance. But these settings can be understood by an advanced user only, and a novice user can be sufficed by skipping this step.
  • There are special tweaks that you can try while configuring the settings. Full-screen, textures, frame-rate limitations, resolutions and other features can be set using these settings. The bottom of your window will have Nice or Fast default settings buttons which you can choose as per your requirements. When you have set your settings, hit the OK button at the bottom of your screen and click ‘Next’ in the new configuration window. Once you are done with your settings, you can change them any time using the Config menu.
  • Although a ePSXe driver for sound drivers is fine, if you want to configure it as per your personal preferences, then hit ‘Config’, click OK and then Next’. You will see the CD-ROM plug-ins. If your computer uses Windows 10 OS, then you will have to select ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 2, and then click on ‘Next’.
  • In order to configure the game controller, you will have to select the controller buttons that you would be using to perform actions in your game. To configure your game controlling buttons, you will have to click on the dropdown menu located on the top right corner of your screen, and select the device you would be using to play the game. If you have not bought a game controller, you may use your keyboard or mouse. For doing that, you will have to configure keys on your keyboard during the configuration method. Once you are done with your key selection, hit OK and then Next. You will see a message telling you that ePSXe configuration is complete and now you can start playing the game

Playing the Game on your PC emulator

Insert your game CD in the computer’s CD ROM. Select run CDROM from your file menu and use the PlayStation emulator to start playing the game. Your gaming experience would be similar to the one you would have while playing on a PS console. The only difference is that you would be playing your game using your computer instead of the PSP controller.

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I used to create some great music on PS1 "Music" game & make some great audio CDs.
Now I want to do the same using the original disc and my new PC.
I understand it is possible, but I need an emulator & something to do with BIOS.
Fine - will my PC be able to read the Playstation disc? Will adding the BIOS to my PC affect playing/burning 'normal' CDs or DVDs? Can I control the 'game' using my PCs mouse & keyboard, or will I need a Playstation controller?
ANY help will be gratefully received, as I am now in a creative mood and want to start again.
Thanks in advance.
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How to Play PS 1 Games on PC with Emulator