How to Type Faster on the Keyboard

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Type Faster on the Keyboard

We've reached a point in time where we all need to type quickly on a computer keyboard for work, school, or for a friendly conversation. If you want to make it in this fast-paced, high-tech laptop-carrying world, it's crucial that you learn to write faster.

Stay with us at OneHowTo and rest your fingers for a while: We'll teach you how to type faster on the keyboard. Here's how you do it...

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Steps to follow:

Before getting to explain some professional tips to increase your typing speed by up to 300%, you must take into account that the hardware you use is very important. If you're using a notebook or laptop, you should buy an external keyboard for maximum performance; those they include are usually too small for our hands.

To make the most of your time, the keyboard that you buy should have keys that don't quite touch the base - they should be raised above it. In addition, the keyboard should have marks on the J and F keys that will help your hands to find their place without having to look at it.

How to Type Faster on the Keyboard - Step 1

Moreover, you should also consider that the keyboard should be tilted forwards at around 10 degrees, which would make the height of the third row of the keyboard at 3 centimeters - 1.18 inches - above the desk.

Most external keyboards come with stands - like feet that can be folded in - although they can be fragile. If they're broken, or if your keyboard can't be tilted, you can easily do it yourself by using a couple of dice or a small piece of plastic, like a lego brick. This will achieve the correct inclination, as demonstrated in the picture.

How to Type Faster on the Keyboard - Step 2

Allow me to get personal and tell my story: I began doubling my typing speed when I bought a good keyboard of the kind mentioned above. If you can't afford a new keyboard, clean up your existing one and add stands to it. Keyboards actually need changing after you've used them for a long time - you would feel sorry for my previous keyboard if you saw what I did to it. Let's just say I ended up smashing the keys to get a quicker response from it. So yes, a new comfortable, functioning keyboard might be a good investment, since it will help you type faster and save your hands a lot of effort.

Now take a look at the picture below; you'll see how to place your fingers on the keyboard. In order to practice fast typing, there are plenty of online typography tests which you can regularly take to chart your progress.

How to Type Faster on the Keyboard - Step 3

Why did we evolve to have 10 fingers? So that we would use all of them when typing on the keyboard - yes, that's science. The best way to learn to type faster is simply to practice, practice, practice.

In addition, typing programs and sites also measure your current typing speed. You should set yourself targets now that you know how fast you can type. As a point of reference, most secretaries are asked for 60 words per minute as a minimum. That's actually nothing at all!


Join a forum, chat room or social network. Besides profiting from the numerous advantages of these sites, online communication with other people will further motivate you to type quicker. After all, you won't want to leave your new friends hanging! Once you notice improvements, take another typing test.


Repeat the tests until you achieve your goals. Don't get frustrated - we know what it's like to learn to type quickly on the keyboard. At first it's slow and slightly horrible, but if you focus on pressing each key with the corresponding finger while looking at the screen, and you practice a lot, you will notice short term improvements.

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  • You'll know that you type fast when you don't look at the keyboard and you use all 10 fingers.

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If you want a great keyboard to type on I suggest a genuine mechanical keyboard. They make them with different types of keys. Some are like clacky-clack noisy keys. Some are nearly silent. I like the Cherrry brown ones. Not to noisy with a great feel to them. Corsair makes the one that I use. Yes, expensive compared to the cheapest ones but once you use one with the key feel that fits your personal perference, you will never go back.
How to Type Faster on the Keyboard
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How to Type Faster on the Keyboard

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