Why Won't My Instagram Update?

Why Won't My Instagram Update?

Some people don't like app updates, especially for Instagram. Features we come to enjoy get left behind and even a different look can change the UX for people. Unfortunately, if we don't update them, not only will we not be able to enjoy new features, but eventually the app won't work at all. This is because outmoded versions of an app will not function with the browsers and devices we use.

Instagram required constant updates which we might not even notice be downloaded. However, if we notice the app isn't updating, we need to know why. Fortunately, oneHOWTO is here to ask why won't my Instagram update? We answer the question and tell you how to get new updates.

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  1. Instagram won't update due to bad connection
  2. Instagram won't update due to lack of data
  3. Instagram won't update due to device failure
  4. Instagram won't update due to app error
  5. Instagram is down
  6. Automatic update failed

Instagram won't update due to bad connection

When we are on our phone, it isn't always obvious we have a bad connection. Some applications might be working, but others are slow or have stopped altogether. Since Instagram uses pictures and video, it needs a good connection to load the content. If you se your app isn't updating, it is worth checking the connection to see if this is the problem.

To check your Wi-Fi signal on your device is easy. You simple need to load another app for browsing, social media or anything which requires a connection. If these apps work fine, there is no problem with the connection and vice versa. If the connection is fine, there must be another reason why your Instagram app won't update.

Instagram won't update due to lack of data

Especially if you have an old phone you have used a lot, running out of memory is a common problem. When we have a new Instagram update pending, but there is insufficient space on the phone, the update won't download.

We store videos, photos and apps on our phone and often don't think about how much space they take up. The quality of the content and the purposes of the app also have a bearing on how much data they use up. You will have to free up space on the device by deleting content you no longer use or have backed up on a different drive.

After you have deleted the space and verified the connection, try to update the Instagram app again through the App Store on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or the Google Play store if you use an Android device. You may also be interested to know how to delete your Instagram history to get rid of the cache on your device.

Why Won't My Instagram Update? - Instagram won't update due to lack of data

Instagram won't update due to device failure

Sometimes the Instagram account is not updated because it is the device itself is causing problems of some kind. Check that your phone or tablet is fully compatible with pending updates. Older devices do not always accept newer versions of the Instagram app. This is because the operating system cannot handle the new features and updates.

There may also be other problems with your device. If you have a virus or there is a similar problem to the software or operating system, your phone may not be working properly. You can try restarting the device, but if the problem is serious, you will need to get it fixed professionally or even purchase a new device to run the updated Instagram app.

Instagram won't update due to app error

If you think that both your phone and the connection are perfectly fine, but Instagram still does not update, it may be a failure of the application itself. To try to correct the error, you have three options that might work for you. You will need to try to:

  • Remove all unwanted symbols that users may have added in the comments section of your account, as well as double tags or double hashtags. All these symbols, although many do not know it, can hinder the correct operation of the application. You can find out more about how to control this in the following article on how to delete comments on Instagram.
  • Log out of Instagram, close the application, wait a few minutes and open it again to log back in. As you may have tried with your mobile device, turning it off and on can refresh the operation of the app and make it update.
  • If none of this works, a third option is to uninstall Instagram completely. If you download it again and install it, it should install the most up-to-date version of the app.

If none of this works and you suspect that it is a problem with your specific account (you can check to see if other accounts seem to be working normally), we advise you to contact the Instagram help service.

Instagram is down

It is not common, but it can happen that Instagram's servers are having a problem. The result is that Instagram itself is down and we will have to wait for it to start again.

Maybe nothing happens to your phone or your account, it is simply a temporary server problem that Instagram will solve as soon as possible. In the rare occasions this happens, you will simply need to go to Google and search if the network is down. It is so rare, it is likely to be in the news.

Why Won't My Instagram Update? - Instagram is down

Automatic update failed

Remember that one way to keep your device free of computer viruses is to have the applications you use the most updated automatically. If you detect that the updates are not automatically downloaded on your Instagram, it is best you check manually if the updates have been downloaded properly.

If you have an iOS device, you will need to go to the Apple App Store to check if you have the latest version. If there is an option beside the Instagram logo to update, then tap it. For Android devices, the process is the same except you have to use the Google Play store. Go to ‘My Apps’, check the updates in the options menu and you can see if it is there.

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Why Won't My Instagram Update?