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How to Add Music to my Instagram Photos

How to Add Music to my Instagram Photos

Do you use Instagram so much that you are already a little bored of always having to use the same formats? Instagram offers the possibility of posting videos, adding text, uploading photos directly from your pc, making collages and with the latest version, you can even post pictures that are not square.

You might have known about all these features but did you know that you can also add music to your photos? The result will be like a video but with a static image. Sometimes a good picture is better accompanied by a great song. Why not try this out on Instagram? Read this oneHOWTO article and learn how to add music to your Instagram photos.


Steps to follow:

To be able to add music to an Instagram picture you have to download an app on which you can prepare the image. Go to your app store and search for 'Flipagram', available for both iOS and Android. Install the app on your phone when you find it.


Then you must open Flipagram and in the first screen, click 'Start'. The first step will be to choose where you want to take the picture from. You can choose the picture from many sources, your camera memory, or social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Choose the right picture and, once inside, click on the photo for which you want to add music so to select it. Go to the next page by clicking on the upper right corner. Now we can add music to the Instagram picture!


Several options will now appear. The first is 'Audio', so click on it. When you click on Audio you'll have two different options. You will be able to choose the song from all the songs you have stored on your device or among the ones offered on Flipagram. You can choose one of these two options by pressing "My Music" or "Music Search". Then, select the song you want to add to your Instagram picture.


In the 'Speed' entry click 'Instagram'. The photo will become a 15-second video with the chosen music. As there is only one image it will be a static photo with background music.


In the upper right corner of the screen, click 'Next'. Different apps will appear on which you can share your video and you'll have to select Instagram. This is an amazing idea if you want to make Christmas cards with Instagram too! The ability to add music to Instagram pictures will make any simple image come to life! Play around and have fun :)


When you click 'Next', this will open Instagram with your image/video prepared. Add the filters you want, any text and share! You will have successfully posted a picture with music!

Another easy idea is to synchronize with Instagram. Use and post your lip syncs and choreography on Instagram.

Learn how to repost Instagram photos to share your friends' creations too!


Now that you know how to add music to Instagram pictures you might want to start accumulating more followers so they can appreciate your little pieces of art. Read this oneHOWTO article and learn how to get followers on your Instagram fast and ethically.

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How to Add Music to my Instagram Photos
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How to Add Music to my Instagram Photos