How does Skype Resolver Work

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: August 2, 2020
How does Skype Resolver Work

Never mind how Skype resolvers work, but what is a Skype resolver in the first place? To make it clear and simple to the average user, a Skype resolver is an external tool that use used to know a computer's IP address simply from a person's Skype username.

This is a very serious problem for Skype users, who can be hacked if they have never heard about this program or way to hack into someone's computer. Take a look at this oneHOWTO article on how Skype resolvers work to prevent future Hacker attacks and being safe on the Internet.

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  1. What is Skype resolver used for
  2. How to get Skype resolver
  3. How do hackers use Skype resolver
  4. Avoid being hacked with Skype resolver

What is Skype resolver used for

As we've explained above, Skype resolver is an external program used to hack into somebody's computer by using a person's Skype name. Although Skype tackled the problem with earlier versions of this messaging app, hackers are still finding ways to access others' computers through Skype.

But why would someone want to hack your computer through Skype? It is a simple way of obtaining an IP if you want to steal somebody's Internet identity. People who often use Skype resolvers are those who want to steal gamers' IP address to get them offline while they are playing, thus making them lose the game, match or fight. However, there are other forms of doxing that are used too.

This happens because Skype was born as a P2P (peer to peer) app, so each of the users that a single Skype user contacts with needs to have the user's IP address; making it really easy for someone to retrieve it. Even though Skype changed its policies from its version and each Skype user's ID is automatically hidden; some people are claiming they still suffer the consequences of Skype resolvers.

How to get Skype resolver

Skype resolvers can easily be used on the Internet, you don't even have to download any software to your computer and are easily accessible. However, with this new Skype IP encryption, the effectiveness of these apps.

However, it is said that you can find more sophisticated versions on the deep web but, again effectiveness, let alone legality of this type of software is dubious.

How does Skype Resolver Work - How to get Skype resolver

How do hackers use Skype resolver

A hacker will get hold of your Skype username, paste it on a Skype resolver, press the 'Resolve' button, and the program will follow the lead to retrieve your IP address. It's this simple.

A Skype resolver will work by using a VPS host to find a certain person's username and find any data it needs, including a user's IP address. Many people think that a Skype resolver would have to call you or send you a message you should answer in order to a Skype resolver to work, but it isn't true.

Just one debug file that can be found in both computers and smartphone can give away your IP address.

Avoid being hacked with Skype resolver

Although if you have the latest version of Skype you should have nothing to fear, Hackers are continuously finding new ways of getting into others' computers, which is why we advise you to follow the guidelines mentioned below to be as safe as possible when using Skype:

  • Make sure you trust every one of your contacts on Skype: If you are being hacked even though you have the latest version of Skype, then maybe it is one of the people from your contact list that is trying to hack your computer. Take a close look of the list and block any Skype user that you don't know personally or are not 100% sure of.
  • Install a VPN on your smartphone or laptop: Do you connect to public WiFi? We advise you to use a VPN (virtual private network) in order to protect your privacy when connecting to certain WiFi lines.
  • Use a Skype proxy: If you are a professional gamer and are scared a hacker may attack you, the best thing to do is to use a Skype proxy, which will encrypt all information that may be susceptible to hacking.
How does Skype Resolver Work - Avoid being hacked with Skype resolver

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How does Skype Resolver Work