How To Tell If You Have Been Blocked On Skype

How To Tell If You Have Been Blocked On Skype

Skype is a great app for video and audio calls that can be used by anyone who downloads this software, regardless of the operating system on your mobile or computer. Although there are several choices at present for making video calls, such as Facetime for Mac, iPhone and iPad, the reality is that Skype continues to be the most popular app for internet calls.

It is possible to add contacts on Skype so that you can see who is online and easily make calls and send messages etc. But what if you no longer see one of your contacts online and you suspect that you have been blocked by someone on Skype? At oneHOWTO we explain once and for all how to know if you have been blocked on Skype.

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Steps to follow:

No, unfortunately there is no bright giant sign indicating that a contact has blocked you. Nor is there an app to tell you, but what you can follow are some clues that will help you to detect if a contact has blocked you on Skype. Keep reading as we explain more below.


One of the easiest ways to see if a contact has blocked you from Skype is to go to your contact list and see how the person appears. Skype contacts may appear:

  • Online, you will see a green tick. If this is the case, the contact has not blocked you.
  • Away, you will see a yellow clock. The user is connected but not available.
  • Busy, they appear with a red prohibited sign. The contact is online but does not want to be bothered.
  • Disconnected, they are not online but you can see a white circle with green edges.

You may also see a fourth icon: a question mark. These contacts appear disconnected and it can mean two things. Firstly, if the contact has not yet accepted your Skype request so you have never been able to talk to them before it means the request is still pending; secondly, if your request has previously been accepted and you have spoken in the past, it is likely that this contact has now blocked you on Skype.


So, how do you differentiate between if they have not yet accepted your request or if they have blocked you? Very simple, when you click on this contact you will see that the Approval is pending, which is what happens when you're waiting for a user to accept you.

However, if in the past you've talked with this person and you know that they had accepted your request, but you see now that the status is set to Pending Contact Request, then there is no doubt that this contact has blocked you on Skype.

If when you click on the contact you also find a phrase that says "Contact X has not shared their details with (your username)", then you can definitively confirm that they've blocked you, because at some point they accepted your request but now appear as a pending contact request.


Additionally, when you try to call a blocked contact you can't connect and you get a message indicating "Call ended - error".


You will also notice that, if you had conversations with the person you think blocked you, these conversations will have disappeared and you won't be able to retrieve them.

Their profile picture will no longer be visible for you either, so if upon opening Skype, you notice that the person's picture is no longer there, then the user has blocked you.

If you also remove or delete the contact from your Skype and then try search for them again, if their information does not show up then they have definitely blocked you.

How To Tell If You Have Been Blocked On Skype - Step 5

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What does the white circle mean on skype? I still can see his picture
ive seen all options listed on here on detecting if someone blocks you on Skype,but i noticed in my case its none of those is it possible that if the contact has multiple emails not active and it shows up in a different Skype address that it could be blocked i say this because thats what happen to me but yet previous messages remain the same but different address
Roger Gilbert
There is another possibility I don't see here, but have verified. According to this, if they just remove your contact, it will cause similar symptoms as shown here. However that person still gets your messages.

Under older versions of Skype, you could still converse while in this state. It wasn't until the 2017 edition before I started seeing you had to accept a contact request to converse.
i have a friend whom i connected with regularly but since i ran the manditory upgrade he shows in a peach / orange color circle and the message call - internal error shows
any ideas? I'm on a Mac Pro
Ron Burg
I have been accepted as a contact with this person and conversed a lot in the past, but now I have the green circle with a question mark. When I hover the cursor over it, I get:- "This person has not shared their" (sic) "details with you" and under the header I have the message:- "Contact request sent - Resend contact request". Additionally, in the message window I have:- "messaging disabled until request is accepted", so I cannot even send a message.
Pretty conclusive, yes?
Roger Gilbert
Sort of but not exactly. They may have just removed your contact, especially if you two spent some time not conversing.
I apologize for my ignorance, but just to be completely clear..if my contacts status says (away) but still says (available)...have I still been blocked or is my contact still receiving my msgs and just not answering?
Thanks for clarifying on this. Do you know how one can know if they have been removed from the contact list (not blocked, just deleted)? I have read online that you would not see their picture, but what if they have their picture privacy setting to allow everyone to see their photo? I am just trying to figure out if i've been removed from their list, since I still see their status (though no mood message) and they are not responding to my msgs. Is it possible that they have removed me and are not getting any msgs on their end from me?
Michael Riley (oneHOWTO editor)
Hi Josephine, Its hard to say for certain as it depends on an individuals privacy settings for things like status, picture and mood message, but it sounds like they could have deleted you from there contact list. Hope this helps.
How To Tell If You Have Been Blocked On Skype
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How To Tell If You Have Been Blocked On Skype

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