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How to Delete a Message on Whatsapp Before Read

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How to Delete a Message on Whatsapp Before Read

We've all been through the situation of sending a message on Whatsapp by mistake at some time or another: you've accidentally sent a spicy photo to your family group you hot-hotheadedly wrote some bad words while you were angry, or you may have told a secret to the wrong person and wished you could have stopped time and noticed you were doing wrong.

There are many tricks that will help you delete a message on Whatsapp before read, both through the app's latest update or with these tricks if you still have version 2.16.352. There are options!

Steps to follow:

Install the latest version of Whatsapp .First of all, we'd like to give you some good news! It is said that the beta version of Whatsapp will actually let you delete a message on Whatsapp before read according to WABetaInfo's Twitter account .Let's take a look at how you may possibly be able to do this on the app once you've installed the latest version.

  1. Make sure the message you want to delete only has one tick (received, not seen)
  2. Press on the message you want to delete.
  3. Several options will appear on the top of the screen. You'll have to choose the "retrieve" option.
  4. This will stop the person from reading the message, though the person will get a message reading Sender revoked the message.

This beta version will only be available for iOS at the moment and there is no set date for its release yet, but don't despair, there are also other tricks and hacks you can use so you can delete a Whatsapp message sent by mistake.


Block the person before he/she reads the message. Since the latest update has not yet arrived, many users have filled the Internet with useful hacks that they assure do work.

  1. Make sure that your message has been received but not read (two blue ticks)
  2. Go to the person's chat and click on the top right part of the screen. Find the option 'More' and there you find the option to block someone.
  3. Once the person in question is blocked, he or she will never receive your message. The downside to this story is, you need to keep the person blocked for at least 30 days. Why? Whatsapp keeps a record of unsent messages for at least this period of time so, if you want to keep in contact via Whatsapp with this person, this option is not recommended.

Switch off data usage immediately. This one is perfect for those whom have immediately realized they've made a mistake by sending a Whatsapp message. Let's take a look at the steps you should follow.

  1. Make sure your message has the ticking clock.
  2. Immediately turn off any possible Internet connections and data usage.
  3. Go back to your Whatsapp conversation and click on the message.
  4. On the top of the screen, click on the trash can icon.
  5. Click on 'yes' if it asks you if you are sure you want to delete the message.
  6. Now, you can turn the data usage and Internet back on.
  7. Your message has been deleted successfully.

You can delete your messages directly once the person has received them. No matter if the person has received a message or has already read it, you can delete the message, but that won't delete it from the other's person's conversation, only your own, so it's not much use unless you're doing so to forget something you said or to get rid of memory space on your smartphone.


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Comment or question i want only deleted whatsapp message by ruby
Debasis Pattnaik
How about removing the person from the group (if it is in a group chat) before the receiver has read the message? Is the same rule applies that Whatsapp server keep pushing the recalled msg to the removed person?
Say for ex - The group has 3 persons, you the Admin of the group. You sent a message, Now 3 ppl have sent the msg. Only 2 persons read it and 3rd person has not, as not online. In this case, if removing the 3rd person from the group, does whatsapp server still push the same msg to the 3rd person? Not tried anyway

How to Delete a Message on Whatsapp Before Read
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How to Delete a Message on Whatsapp Before Read