How to get WhatsApp on iPod Touch without iPhone

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 6, 2018
How to get WhatsApp on iPod Touch without iPhone

The instant messaging service between smartphones par excellence is WhatsApp Messenger. It is available for all operating systems of iPhone devices; however, it is not compatible with iPod touch nor with iPad. In Fact, if a user does manage to install the application on any of these electronic devices, it will only display an error message upon starting. If you want to avoid this message from appearing, at OneHowTo.com we show you step by step how to install WhatsApp on iPod Touch... But do not forget! For it to work you must have jailbreaked your iPod Touch.

You'll need:

  • An iPod Touch with access to Wi-Fi.
  • A valid mobile phone number.
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Steps to follow:


Download WhatsApp. As you know, the app does not appear in the iTunes Store of your device; therefore, you must connect your iPod Touch to your computer and download directly from Installous or by click on the following link for the application: WhatsApp 2.6.6 Do not open when it finishes downloading!

How to get WhatsApp on iPod Touch without iPhone - Step 1

Go to Cydia and after running a search for 'WhatsPad', install the first result to appear. This should be free and part of the BigBoss repository.


Restart your iPod touch device to use WhatsApp without any problems.


Open WhatsApp and record a valid phone number; remember that the company will send an sms with three digits that you must enter to validate your account.


Perfect! Enjoy WhatsApp Messenger completely free of charge.

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  • Remember that to use it you will always have to be connected to the Wi-Fi.
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How to get WhatsApp on iPod Touch without iPhone