How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Up

By Sheetal B. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Up

For Facebook, to start a separate messenger app service in 2014, it was supposed to be a more effective and better way of chatting with friends. However the messenger feature has not been received warmly by most people since the messenger app has some annoying notifications. There have been thousands of negative reviews and feedback online regarding its infamous “privacy intruding popping chat heads”. Ask any Android or iOS user and you might get a rant about this messenger feature. So how do you get rid of this problem? Certainly there have to be ways to do it. OneHowTo would like to show you how to stop Facebook Messenger from popping up all the time.

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How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Upon Android Devices

Imagine you are booking some urgent tickets for travel on your phone, and right there on the screen a chat bubble pops up from your friend! You may love your friend but not at that moment! On a serious note, it is pretty irritating and you need something that gives you a better control on this feature. For an android phone, you can follow a few steps to fix the problem.

1. Open the messenger app

2. Tap on Settings/ Gear icon on the top right of the screen

3. Tap on “chat heads”

4. Chat Heads will open up and give you the option of

· Turning on/off chat heads

· Hide when using apps that take up the full screen (enable/disable)

· Start conversations from the notification tray (enable/disable)

Simply turn off the chat head to disable pop ups completely. This would do the trick.

How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Up - How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Upon Android Devices

How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Up on iOS Devices

There are two options to get rid of pop-up messenger notifications. You could disable them for a limited time or can stop them permanently.

In order to disable for a certain time:

1. Open messenger app

2. Tap settings (gear icon) on the bottom right of the screen

3. Tap notifications

4. Select the time for which it needs to be disabled. It gives you 4 options starting from 15mins to 24 hours

You could even do this selectively for certain contacts by opening the particular chat and tapping on the “exclamation” icon on the top right corner of the screen. You will again get similar options of either stopping notifications for a fixed time period or until you activate it again.

To disable pop ups for good, simply change the settings on your device.

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Notifications

3. Select Messenger

4. Disable the notifications options

Isn’t it simple! It’s not the messenger that is evil, it’s the notifications that keep bothering users. Messenger is still a pretty good app at the end of the day, so make it work for you the right way to enjoy it.

If you're really fed up with Facebook Messenger, you can also learn how to uninstall Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android.

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Rosemary Worsley
how do you stop pop ups on PC from messenger, they are driving me mad espec since the latest revamp. thanks
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Rosemary,

have you followed the instructions in the article?
Rosemary Worsley
yes didn't work, am so fed up with this now
Rosemary Worsley
no it didn't unfortunately
Rome Balde
How to prevent FB Messenger pop–ups in Windows™ desktop? Somebody should sue Fb again for this!
steve loucks
I deleted my Facebook account about six months ago. The get messenger banner pops up every time I turn my phone on. I can't go into it to turn it off. I tried turning it off in settings but it didn't work. This is a Microsoft Phone. Is there no way to truly be rid of Facebook?
steve loucks
I have a Microsoft phone. I deleted my Facebook account about six months ago. I cannot get rid of the "get messenger" popup from appearing every time I turn on my phone.
OneHowTo Editor
Have you tried the advice in the article?
steve loucks
Yes, It didn't work. It's not that important, I just want all Facebook junk gone and this intrusion persists.
doris hall
When I'm on Facebook and click to check messages on "Messenger" it stays there on Facebook page. I cannot "X" it out because my Facebook banner is over it. What to do???? Doris
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Doris,

It is difficult to know how to help as there are so many particular factors which could make this a problem, such as the type of browser you use. We recommend updating your browser or trying a different one to see if this helps. Also, you could zoom in or out on the page and scroll around to see if this let's you click the ‘X’. We hope this helps as a start!
How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Up
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How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Popping Up

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