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How to Mute Someone on Whatsapp for Android

How to Mute Someone on Whatsapp for Android

Are you fed up of receiving notifications from someone in particular on WhatsApp? Do you want to mute this person and don't know how to do it? Before you could only do this with group conversations, but after the latest Whatsapp update now you can also do it with each specific person. So don't wait and discover how to mute someone on Whatsapp for Android step by step with oneHOWTO.

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Steps to follow:

To mute someone on WhatsApp, you'll need to have the latest version 2.12.197 for Android. Nowadays, it's still not available on Google Play, so we'll need to manually update it from the app's website:

After, you'll have to click on the green button that reads 'Download Now', accept the conditions that the apps asks for and wait for WhatsApp to download and refresh on our smartphone.


Once this is done, we should open Whatsapp, go in the conversation with the person in question whom we want to silence and click on the person's name, as if we wanted to view this contact's information or access multimedia content.


Once we're inside the personal contact information, we'll find an option that will allow us to mute his or her notifications. To do this, you'll only need to swipe the tab to the right.


At this moment, a message will appear on the screen - the same that comes out when we want to silence a group- that will give you the option of choosing for how long you want to mute the contact from Whatsapp.

You'll be able to choose between 8 hours, 1 week or a year. You'll also be able to activate or deactivate if you want Whatsapp to show notices. If you don't want to receive notifications, you'll have to leave the check un-marked. Then, click on OK.


And you're done! You have muted someone on Whatsapp and you'll be able to confirm it on your list of chats, where a crossed speaker will appear on the right part of the conversation or through the contact's information. This second way of confirming you have muted the person will allow you to see the tab slipped to the right and colored in green as well as the time in which you have decided that you don't want to receive notifications from this person. You'll always be able to undo this action by swiping the tab to the left once more.


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What did you think of this article?
Actually want to know about time line hiding actually some person chat with me and the same time their time line not seen to me how can it is possible is that network issue or setted by some person ?
if they are mutted can they still cal you
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Yes, a person will still be able to call you if they have been muted. If you don't want this to happen your best option is to block them.
Do messages still come through as before when someone is muted? Or after you take the mute off?
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Yes Nic, the messages will still come through and you'll be able to read them whenever you wish to, even after you have taken the mute off
if you mute someone can you still text him?
Michael Riley (OneHowto editor)
Hi Kofi, Yes you can still send and receive messages - you just won't get a notification when you receive a message from that contact.

Hope this helps!
I wanted to know that after you mute some individual, will he or she be able to call you using WhatsApp or not?
can you still see someone's online status if you think that have muted you on whatsapp?????
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Yes, you can still see someone's status even if that person has muted you. There is no way of knowing if someone has done it unless you directly ask that person.
If we will mute some one is he able to text us or not .If we will mute some one for 8 hour is it possible to text us on this 8 hours or after them
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
If you mute someone the other person will be able to send messages but your smartphone won't warn you when the person sends you a message.
Hope this helps
Hi !! I wanted to know that after you mute some individual. Will he or she be able to see you online or not ?
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Hi Preeti, if you mute someone he/she will still be able to know if you're online. In order to do so you'll have to hide the 'last seen' option, though that will apply to all of your contacts. If you don't know how to do it, here's an article you might find useful:
When you mute someone does that person know or how can they tell they've been muted.
OneHowTo Editor (OneHowto editor)
Hi Emma, there's no way the other person knows if you've muted them or not. They will be able to tell if you've blocked them but never if you've muted them.

How to Mute Someone on Whatsapp for Android
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How to Mute Someone on Whatsapp for Android